Tuesday, August 19, 2014

to all knitters and crocheters

I've gone thru my yarn collection and weeded out some that I know I will never use and have put these in my store.  Most of them are sock weight but there are other weights as well.  I've posted the retail price and then the price I'm selling them for.  If you are interested in any of them, email me at grammy5822@gmail.com.

Blessings, Barbara

Good news and a visit

Well we went to the doctor's yesterday and after he looked at the newest CT Scan, he said he's almost 100% sure it's inflammation.  Now this would make sense since he suffers from an autoimmune disease that the doctors still haven't put a name to.  He wants to do another CT Scan in 4 months to see if there's any change and I got the impression after that it will be once a year.  At least he didn't say the "C" word.
We also went to visit our grand daughter and her fiance in their new apartment.  They are living about 45 minutes away from us now but at least it's doable.  From the apartment they were living in, this one is the Taj Mahal.  LOL  She has gotten a new job as a manager at a "Mathnasium" and they are both doing quite well.  He is still in college but I understand he graduates next year.  
So far this year it's been quiet in the Atlantic as far as storms go and I do hope it stays that way.  I'm really not in the mood to fight Mother Nature.
I hope your week so far is going smoothly and without any hitches.
Blessings, Barbara

Monday, August 11, 2014

Just look at the help I get...

I don't know if I've ever posted about how Vallie has to sit right beside me whenever I'm stitching so here's proof.  I sit on the couch and she loves these green soft pillows I have and so that's where she's parked until I move.  If I get up to go to my sewing room even for a minute or two, she's right there beside me.  
I love this little dog and she sure has helped keep me sane in the last few months.

I hope everyone is having a great Monday so far.  DH and I had to make a trip to the pulmonary doctor this morning for his 6 month ct scan for that spot on his lung.  We'll find out the results next week so keep your fingers crossed that it hasn't changed any.  
Blessings, Barbara