Friday, October 2, 2015

Ornie Time

And so now it's back to the Christmas ornaments for our tree this year.  I'm very disappointed in a Vikki Clayton HDF silk.  I used her red on the large ornament and it bled into the fabric.  I have never had that happen with any other fiber but just my luck, it did it with this one.  These two are both from the same pattern:  Winter, Postcards from the Heart.  I love this design - she just happens to be located in my hometown of Mechanicsburg, Pa. and her designs are quite nice.

Below is the pattern and you can find it in my store if you're interested.  The name of her design company is Summer House Stitche Works.

 I'm starting the Blessings Abound sampler to place on the hornbook today and the colors are wonderful.  I've decided to stitch it with the Belle Soie silks so it's extra special.  Also have ordered some scrumptious Madelinetosh yarns in worsted, dk, and sport weight for knitted items I want to make - as if I don't have enough yarn - but who's counting.
It looks like we are going to be missed by the hurricane but I'm worried about friends up the coast.  I hope everyone is safe and sound inside their homes if it hits your area and that nothing bad happens to those caught in it.
Blessed Be, Barbara

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Halloween Giveaway

Hello my fellow spooky friends.  You all know about the great grandbaby that is suppose to make his appearance on Halloween right?  Well I've decided to have a Halloween giveaway in anticipation of his birth.  
The boring rules:
Only that you are a follower of my blog.  Not so bad.
Here is what you might win:
This is the cutest Halloween thread holder I've ever seen and I thought what better item to use for my giveaway.  It's wood and painted in the primitive style and I'm including the spooky spider web scissors.
You need to leave a comment on this post only and Vallie and I will pick the winner on October 17th.  This gives it plenty of time to reach the winner before Halloween.  I want anybody no matter where you live to enter....that is if you celebrate Halloween where you live and I will make sure it gets there.
Before I go I'll show you my entry table decorated for Halloween:
Good luck and may the best witchie stitcher win.
Blessings, Barbara

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Halloween finishes

I can't believe that September is almost over and Halloween will be here soon.  For once, I actually have my new decorations done in time.  Yippee!!!!

This cute little black bird was a freebie in the Primitive Stitches Society and he worked up really fast.  He's stitched on a Black Cauldron fabric using DMC floss

This one is a Lizzie Kate Limited Edition kit and I absolutely loved stitching it.  The colors are so cheerful and fun to work with.  The little design was suppose to be a scissor fob but I just made a little stand up out of it.

This is a Hands on Design pattern that is a wonderful design to have out anytime of year.  I really like Cathy's designs and this one was a fun stitch.

This wooden thread holder I just couldn't resist.  The Wouidja Board is the thread minder and the pointer is magnetic and becomes your needle minder.  Is that neat or what!!

Then Debbie had these beautiful primitive hornbooks and the opening at the top is in the shape of an acorn.  The design I picked to mount on it is Blessings Abound by Plum Street Samplers.  I'm not sure yet what count fabric I'm going to have to use but I'm determined to make it fit.
Well those are my finishes for this Halloween.  
I'm going to have a Halloween giveaway in celebration of our first great grandchild due on Halloween.  It will start on the first so check don't want to miss this one.
Blessings Abound, Barbara

Monday, September 21, 2015

I'm the Bag Lady

Hello my sweet ladies from here to there.  Debbie at Needle Orts is starting a needlepoint class this Saturday for this canvas called Jack O'Lantern.  He's huge!!  I believe he stands 31" tall.  Debbie asked me to make some project bags because he of course takes a lot of fibers.
This is what we came up with:
It's the same width as the other bags but its longer.  Debbie also loves Halloween and asked for some skeletons for this fabric but I don't have them put together yet.
I have such fun matching designs to the fabric that people pick out.  And then there's mine:
I was standing at the cutting counter at Sewing Studio and spied this behind the lady who was cutting my fabric.  I left out a yell and scared the poor lady to death.  It's all the evil ladies from Disney and I love it!  I think the spider web and the red spider is perfect for it.  Love it.
I came across a box of DMC pearl cottons and if you do hardanger  or other embroidery and need some cheap, it's in my store.
Blessed Be, Barbara

Thursday, September 17, 2015

I  don't say this enough but I'm so happy for all my followers and I thank God for each and every one of you.  When I asked for prayers for my DH, you came thru and gave me the help I needed.  Thank you again.
I've been working on "Stitch Every Day" and am making slow progress.  I thought I was doing it on primitive green.....wrong!  It turned out to be Pampas (sp?) but I still love how it's looking.
I know the picture looks brown but it's really a nice shade of green.  The design has been a fun stitch so far and I'm hoping it keeps my interest long enough to finish it.  I don't know if it's the season of the year or if something else is bothering me, but I just can't concentrate on anything.  
I've also been working on my Christmas cowl and making some progress on it also.
I love how this yarn feels and so does Vallie.  I made the mistake of letting it lay on the couch and came in to find her laying on it.  I wanted to get a picture but I think she sensed by the look on my face she was in trouble.  I'm hoping I can finish this this weekend because I found a pattern for a "feather and fan" cowl that I really like and I'm going to do it in a natural yarn of King Baby Llama & Mulberry Silk.
It will look great with any color and it's yummy to the touch.
Well tomorrow is friday and another week has ended.  Life goes by so fast when you get older and I think it stinks.
Have a Blessed weekend, Barbara

Monday, September 14, 2015

I am totally addicted....

to beautiful yarns.  I see them in the local shops, online, on Ravelry and I just gotta have some.  I have two entire dressers full and the top of a closet full of yarn yet I still buy more.  I'm going to share some of them with you and then maybe you'll understand.
Blues, purples and khaki green....wool & acrylic

Dark blue, burgundy, browns, golds - Australian Wool

Silver blue with a metallic touch - cotton & acrylic

Deep Teal with a metallic touch - cotton & acrylic
Then I started a new cowl for myself for Christmas and it's a beautiful green Baby Alpaca and so so soft.
Now do you understand?  And I have 2 more packages coming with yarn in them.  I think it might be time for a sale.....or a trip to a therapist.
What I did want to show you was something I saw at Joann's the other day.  It was sitting on the cutting counter and it's for pressing fabrics.  Yesterday was the first time I used it and I think it's a great product.  I used it on the linen I'm using for my new project and every wrinkle was gone in a flash.  It's a little pricey at $7.99 but if you use a coupon then it's pretty reasonable.
It comes in clear which has no fragrance and a light blue (which is what I purchased) and it has a nice linen aroma to it.
I also forgot to show you a finish I did for a friend who has a Halloween tree.
It's by Val's Stuff and it was a fun stitch.  Just in case you can't read it "Said the Spider to the fly".  Love it!  It's done on perforated paper but it just as easily could be done on fabric.  It's in my shop if you're interested.
Okay now I'm going to finish laundry (blah) and get some good stitching time in.
Blessings, Barbara

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Some of my treasures

I decided to do a little dusting today and I thought I would share some of my treasures.  I did show you the top of the cabinet where I placed Vickie's gift to me and now I thought I'd show you what was in the cabinet.  
 What this is is a 3 shelf unit that has glass doors that come down and close off the shelf.  Each shelving unit is separate from the others and they can be moved around.  Also you can add more shelves but we've never been able to find any.  I really wish we could because there's alot more items I'd like to add.

The spoon on the left was hand carved by my DH for me.  As you can see, I like to put my little pillows in here to keep them dust free.

The rocking chair in the middle was made by my father for a doll of Jenn's.

Those little brown shoes were my Father's baby shoes.  I have a picture in which he's wearing them.  The case to the left has my great-grandmother's glasses in it.  And of course the beautiful picture of my dear grandmother Anna Grace behind her baby son's shoes.

More pillows.  The tiny picture on the right is my grandmother in her old age.  Still beautiful.

My Mother loved music boxes and I made several of them for her over the years.  The small gold box on the left is one of them.  It has a picture of a bright red cardinal - her favorite bird -  on the lid.

My Father made me those Amish dolls about 40 years ago and the box in front of them is another one of the music boxes I made my Mother.  The gloves to the right were my Mother's.

This is a table made out of cherry wood made by my Father for me.  He made two of these and my oldest brother has the original that was my maternal grandmother's.  My Father was great when it came to wood working.  I have several things in my home that he made.
Just thought I'd take you on a little tour of my treasures.
I found something to work on.  It's a Hand's on Design project called "Stitch Every Day".  Here's what it will look like (hopefully).

The only difference is that I'm doing mine on a primitive green fabric..  I am going to make it into the stand up drum pincushion.  I have the lolly pin they show and I'm anxious to start it.  I knew I'd find something back there in what my husband calls "the black hole".  Men just don't appreciate how us women look at stitching items.....treasures!
Have a Blessed Week, Barbara

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Bored, bored, bored

Maybe it's the time of year but I am so bored with the projects I'm working on.  I'm slowly working on the Erica Michaels fall one but it just hasn't grabbed me yet to really stitch on it.  I received an email from Needle Orts that the JCS Christmas Ornament issue is in so I'll go pick that up next Wednesday.  I also gave Debbie a list of things I want from the Harvest Market Hop.   She has a sneak peak of the design that's causing all the commotion and its the Map of Hawk Run Hollow and of course I ordered it.  I'm just nuts....I finally admit it.  
I did finish two cowls I've been working on.  First one is the knitted pink one that I love so much.  I love how it turned out.  I've also started collecting pins.  I think they look so nice on the cowls, shawls and scarves.  I'd love to find some antique ones so maybe I need to make a trip to Mount Dora which is antique heaven down here.

...and here is my Halloween cowl that I crocheted.  I figured I have to have some kind of Halloween outfit to wear to my LNS the week of the holiday.  I think I'll be quite least you won't miss me in a crowd.  LOL
That's about all for now.  Good race tonite at Richmond and I'm going to be doing some kind of stitching while it's  going on.
Have a Blessed weekend,