Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Just Me Again.....

I'd complain more about having to take out all those stitches on My Lady because it makes me feel better but it still doesn't get the job done.  

I did start something new...

Yep it's the Drawn Thread Apple Blossom Sampler and so far so good.  I'm stitching it.....hold on to your pantyhose.....on 36ct.  I hadn't realized before I started stitching that there are some parts stitched over 1 thread which makes it very interesting for this old gal but I'll muddle through.

Now for a thing that has been creeping me out for weeks.  Anyone else notice the Jimmy Dean Sausage commercials that have his voice in it.  Well Mr. Dean died back in 2010 so it creeps me out to hear his voice.  It's like it's coming from the grave.  They really need a new commercial.

Now for a surprise.  I'm going to have a giveaway but of a very different type.  Next Monday I'm going to be starting a new cross stitch  project and this is what I've decided to do.  Every day that I have worked on this project, I will post a picture of my progress.  I will tell you what the subject is but that's it.  The first person who guess what the design's name is and designer gets the pattern and a piece of fabric to stitch it on.  I think it's going to be fun but that's from my point of view. :o)

That's all for now..... I'll leave you with a chuckle.

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Blessings, Barbara


Barb said...

Your new little competition sounds like fun! Love that cartoon!

Mii Stitch said...

You've made a great start on your latest project.
Your giveaway with a twist sounds fun. You always stitch lovely designs, I am quite looking forward to find out what it's going to be.

Bethan said...

Your new competition sounds fun. Great progress on your sampler already! Thanks for the laugh from the cartoon x

Robin in Virginia said...

Your contest sounds like fun, Barbara. You have made a good start on the Drawn Thread piece. The graphic at the end of your post made me chuckle.

Vickie said...

Oh how nice, the Drawn Thread piece! What a nice giveaway this will be! :)

gracie said...

I really dislike the Jimmy Dean commercial! It will be fun to follow all the guesses for your project.

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