Monday, July 30, 2018


Well that dang frog has decided to make camp on my doorstop and he just might be here for awhile.  Look at this picture and tell me what's wrong with it.

To me she looks like the hunchback of Notre Dame.  Yep her heads on just a little off center and all because I decided that instead of moving the fabric, I'd stitch on her upside down.  That will teach me not to be so cocky and sure of myself.  What this does mean that I'll be frogging all of her head but maybe this coming weekend.  Right now I'm just a little too put out with myself.

I have three projects that I'd like to's just making up my mind which one.  Here they are:

Ye Old Crow Sampler by Heart in Hand 

Mirabilia's 25th Anniversary 
Portrait of Antique Vines

Apple Blossom Sampler
by The Drawn Thread

I'm thinking The Old Crow Sampler but not done in total black.  I have a Vikki Clayton silk that is black but has a strain of bright green just slightly highlighting it.  Maybe that would look nice.

But right now I'm going to relax, put my feet up, maybe do a little knitting or.....

Art Impressions

Blessings, Barbara


Barb said...

I was thinking i would also start the one with the crow. Your choice of threads seems perfect!

Justine said...

I'm so sorry to read about your poor lady's head injury, really I think she looks fine but if you're not happy then frog it. She looks gorgeous on that awesome fabric.
I really love The Drawn Thread piece but if we're getting a vote I'm going for the crow with the silk you mentioned which sounds perfect for such a spooky design!

Marilyn said...

Sorry you have to Frog.
She's coming along nicely though.
I would have trouble deciding what to start also.
They're all nice.

Barb said...

Oh dear your lady has a crick in her neck,no wonder you are feeling cross ,having to frog all that not my idea of fun either. I think everyone is having frog visits at the moment.Love your new designs , I really like them all but I think the drawn thread one is my favourite,or is it the lady , or is it the crow ,no just cannot choose,
Hope you are keeping well , Effie sends doggy hugs to Vallie.I send human ones to you xx

Vickie said...

Oh no Barbara! :( That will not be fun at all. I am sorry dear.
Lovely new projects. Especially the Drawn Thread one!

Robin in Virginia said...

Sorry about the visit from the frog! I like the Heart in Hand piece and I think the HDF silk would look stunning. Hope you have a good day!

Mary said...

Sorry about the unwanted visitor. Hopefully, Mr. Frog will decide to move on soon. I think any of the charts will make a great choice.

Bethan said...

Oh no! Hopefully Mr Frog disappears quickly! I love all your potential projects, but my favourite is the Apple Blossom Sampler x

Von said...

Oh no, I hate frogging too! But sometimes a more pleasing end result is worth the pain, lol! Looking forward to seeing a new start!

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Pam in IL said...

I don't like when the stitchy frog visits me either :( Why type of frame do you use for your stitching?