Wednesday, July 25, 2018

I know I just posted yesterday but I saw this and I just had to share.  I have never heard of this animal and when I saw it, I fell deeply in love.  They are called Quokka's and they live in Australia.  They are about the size of a house cat and like kangaroos, they have pouches for their young.  Look at that face!!!!
Mother Quokka with Baby

Image result for quokka

Image result for quokka

Am I right or not?  This has got to be the happiest animal on the face of the earth.....just look at that smile!

Also, I love cats and when I saw this picture I once again wished that DH was not allergic to them.  I don't know how Vallie would take to a cat in the house, but for this one I'm willing to try.  What a beauty!


I told you about the yarn I ordered from Switzerland....well here it is....the one in the middle.  I can't wait to get my hook into it.  It's scrumptious!!!  The one on the left is a Scheepjes  Whirl and the pink is a new one from Lion Brand.  These are all light weight for wearing here in Florida.

I also did some on My Lady today.  Almost finished with the green and then to add the red flowers.  I hope the top half of the design doesn't take as long as the bottom half did.  

Also, I wanted to find out if anyone else had watched "The Crown" mini series.  I just watched seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix so I'm impatiently waiting for season 3.  In case you're interested, it is about Queen Elizabeth II and when she inherited the thrown from her Father, King George.  I don't know how accurate it all is but I will say this.  If she had to go thru what they are showing in this mini series, she is one strong Lady.  I've always admired her and this only reinforces it.

Image result for the crown

Well I'll shut up now and go back to my stitching.  I will leave you with a chuckle.  You know the feeling you get when you hear that a new chart has come out that you've been waiting for....or the fibers you needed to start a new project....or that fabric you tried dyeing turns out great.....well this picture captures that emotion perfectly.

We zijn noooooit te oud om jong te zijn    @hetnieuweouderworden

Blessings, Barbara


Robin in Virginia said...

Lovely yarns and that last graphic made me laugh out loud! Good progress on the Patriotic Lade. What a cute little Quokka! Off to look them up!

marly said...

What a gorgeous cat. And a sweet whatever it is!! Never heard of it or saw it before.

I am totally unfamiliar with today's yarns and didn't know some varieties are in skeins like this.

Bethan said...

Lovely wools - I think I need to invest in some more gradient wools. I can see why you like the Quokka; so cute! I had never heard of it before. I have seen the Crown - it's a very good series and I do admit to watching season 2 in a day (I tend to bingewatch things I enjoy!) x

Marilyn said...

The Quokka's Are too cute!
Love those yarns!!
My Lady is looking great.

Barb said...

Well you certainly brightened my day Barbara, so cute that animal from Australia , and oh the ears on the cat I would like another cat too ,we did have 2cats and 2dogs at one point. Effie certainly would not like it,she hates cats and squirrels. Oh the middle wool is a gorgeous colour I have not watched the Queen ,but she has had a remarkable life and been a wonderful ambassador for our country. Loved the cartoon ,I am like that with books too. Take care .hugs for Vallie xx

Vickie said...

I had never heard or seen a quokka in my life! How adorable! So is that cat. :) Your lady is looking so very good. Have a great day my friend.

diamondc said...

Hi Barbara: Totally love that lady jumping up and down and yes I do know that feeling.
Love the yarn it is beautiful, I am looking forward to seeing what you do with it.
Your Lady is getting done, the green is a beautiful color.


Barb said...

What a fun photo! I got my Just Cross Stitch Halloween magazine today and that is exactly how I felt. Yes, we watched the Crown and yes, I agree she is one strong lady. Plus it didn't even go into the Charles/Diana thing yet. Prince Philip is not exactly portrayed as a great husband! I heard that the queen does watch the series!I can't help but wonder what she thinks!!