Friday, August 3, 2018

Let The Games Begin

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I was going to wait till Monday but I got everything together to stitch the Mystery Giveaway early so why wait.  Here are some of the hints I am giving you.

1.  It is a sampler...of sorts

2.  I show 3 colors but the pattern calls for a different amount

3.  The colors shown are not what the designer calls for

4.  The linen being shown is not what the designer calls for

5.  Mean aren't I?

I am going to stitch some today and I will post an updated picture either tonite or tomorrow.  When and if someone wins, they will receive the pattern and the same fabric I have stitched mine on and the same size.  I am stitching mine on 30ct. River Rock Dower Linen which is a superb linen if you've never tried it.  It's a little bit heavier than Cashel or Belfast and has a wonderful feel to it.  You won't be disappointed.  If you like how I have stitched mine, I will include the threads that I used instead of what the pattern calls for.

Good luck and may the best detective win.

Blessings, Barbara


Robin in Virginia said...

Your fabric and threads looks fabulous.

Vickie said...

This will be fun!

Bethan said...

Lovely fabrics and thread. Not a clue what you are stitching! x