Wednesday, September 6, 2017

A Start and a Prayer

Hello my sweet readers.  I hope this finds everyone in a good mood and able to do alot of "stitchie stuff".  I was able to start a new La D Da design called "Cherry Picker".  As you can see by the photo I haven't finished that much but I'm really enjoying the stitch.  

I'm stitching it on a 32ct. Floba with DMC floss and am having very little trouble with it.  I take breaks and work on my crocheting and have finished two items.
The first is a small shawl done in a stunning light grey merino wool with a contrasting band at the bottom of shades of denim blue and greys.  

I was also able to finish a cowl made with a hand dyed gradient wool done by a fantastic dyer on Etsy.  I love the shades of light yellow blending and ending with a beautiful shade of brown.

I want to thank all of you that made a comment about the little Samplar Hare I was able to finish in my last post.  Something was acting fonky with my email account and was not able to answer them.  I do appreciate very much every comment that is made on my blog and I do try to answer all of them.

As most of you know I live in Orlando, Fl. and we are getting ready for Irma.  We have stocked up on all the necessities but are staying put in our house.  Not too many shelters take animals down here and I absolutely will not leave Vallie.  She is a part of our family and family takes care of family.  I do ask for a little prayer be said for all the ones who are in danger from this hurricane and I pray that everyone comes thru okay.  Also, please God, don't let this go west and hit Texas like Harvey.  They've had enough.  I hope to talk with you soon.

Blessed Be, Barbara


wenhkc said...

Of course, you need to be with Vallie, and I hope you all stay safe. When things calm down, have you ever considered getting Vallie certified as a service animal, since you posted that your doctor seems to think your petting her will keep your hand from shaking? Then, if you ever need to evacuate, the shelters should take in Vallie also since you need her for a medical/health reason? Just trying to think of a solution so you needn't be separated from her. BTW, I saw your Samplar Hare and just needed to stitch it. I finished one, and charted two more so I could stitch the entire alphabet. I'm almost done outlining the second Hare. I'm using three of the same colors for all three and changing up the other colors. I also switched from the called for DMC cotton to Soie d'Alger silk. It's been a dream to stitch. Thanks for the inspiration!

gracie said...

I hope you will not be too badly affected by Irma. Stay safe.

Angie said...

Keeping all Floridians in our thoughts and prayers. My husband grew up in Tampa but the military life has sent us all over the world.

Vickie said...

I am praying Barbara.♥

blueladie said...

Barbara, sending prayers. PLEASE be safe. God bless y'all with peace and strong angels. ♥ Cathryn

marly said...

It is not right to expect people to separate from their pets, especially during such stress. Just wrong on every level! Don't they know how many will stay in harm's way because they have no other option? Idiots. Will be thinking of you, hope your preparations get you through safely.

butterfly said...

Lovely work.
Yes I will be praying for everyone who is in the eye of these storms .
Stay safe .

Marilyn said...

Great new start.
The shawl and cowl are so pretty.
I was reading yesterday that a lot of dogs were shipped here to WI because they are mis-placed or the owners can no longer care for them after losing everything. They are all up for adoption. So sad to think they will no longer see their families that they've lived with for so long.
I hope the storm doesn't do too much damage.
You are all in my thoughts.

diamondc said...

Barbara: I hope the hurricane takes a turn and heads out to sea again, I think the USA has had enough of this bad weather.
All in the path of Harvey and Irma are in our daily Prayers, stay safe my Friend.
Love that La D Da is a sweet design, great start.
I have had the same problems with emailing, sad that we should have these problems in 2017.
Your shawl's are beautiful, I love the yellow one, beautiful.

Be Safe

Robin in Virginia said...

Barbara, your shawls are gorgeous and you have gotten a good start on Cherry Picker. Please stay safe as Irma comes knocking! Your, your family, and the communities in Irma's path are in my thoughts and prayers. Thinking of you!

Sweet Sue said...

may the wrath of everything mighty and powerful send that monster back out to sea where it belongs. sending much love and wishing you and yours safety. xo