Sunday, August 27, 2017

A finish and Belle

Hello Sunday evening to everyone.  I have a finish!!!  Yeah!!!!!  One on 32ct linen!!!!! and I love it.

This turned out so cute.  I've always loved La D Da Designs but this one is special for me.  I didn't think I could work on 32ct linen again and this one proved I could.  It's a small design....about 6 x 6 but for me it's huge.

I spent the afternoon over at Peyton and John's and we all went out to lunch at Wahlburgers.  If you're looking for an inexpensive place for lunch, this is NOT the place.  There were 4 of us plus Little John and we just had burgers and fries and our bill was over $70.00.  We were all curious to try it and that will be our last time there.  No burger is worth that much.

When we got back home, Peyton presented Belle with a new toy.  It's very hard to find toys that she does not destroy in 5 minutes so when we were in Pet Smart they came across some toys that were made out of genuine fire hose material.  I got a call from Peyton about an hour ago and Belle had destroyed it and pieces were laying everywhere.  Here's a picture of her before the destruction.  She's turning out to be a really good dog for Little John.  Everyday they lay on the floor with his blanket over her and his head resting on her belly and they watch tv together.  

Well that's all for this evening.  Everyone have a safe and happy week.
Blessings, Barbara


marly said...

LOL!!! Sounds like a Kong is the only thing that may survive this pup! Maybe not! That's a hefty price for a burger.

diamondc said...

Oh my gosh this dog cracks me up.
So happy you were able to spend time with your family, wowzer 70.00 for dinner ouch, but like you said you had to try it once.
Love this design it is so sweet.


Marilyn said...

Cute finish.
Belle is too cute, hope you find something she cannot destroy.
But, glad she is a good companion fro Little John.
YIKES! That's expensive for burgers.

Barb said...

Oh Barbara love that sampler hare, Peyton looks well and love the new dog. Well you have tried the expensive place and it was
found wanting , but at least you tried it.
Did you get my e mail asking about the sale items. Take care and enjoy your days out.

Robin in Virginia said...

Barbara, congratulations on your sweet rabbit sampler finish! Glad Belle and Little John are good buddies. Those were pricey burgers. Enjoy your day!

Vickie said...

Your rabbit is adorable. Yes, I think Kong toys will last.

sunny said...

Love your little bunny stitchery! So were the burgers at least good?

Mouse said...

ohhh my your wee rabbit is gorgeous :) and awwwww that pup has some serious teeth to get through those toys ... we have a kong and that has survived a few pups over the years ... she is gorgeous :) love mouse xxxxx

Cindy's Stitching said...

Love the rabbit.