Friday, May 26, 2017

I love this yarn!!!

I must share something with you that I just have fallen head over heels in love with.  I belong to Ravelry which I am sure several of you ladies do too.  I've heard knitters and crocheters talk about a yarn from Switzerland called Wolltraum and that it's a fantastic gradient yarn.  Well you know I had to try it and I found the website and ordered some.  I fell in love with a color called "Blackberry Way" and here is my finished shawl out of this stunning yarn.  I bought the color way on the right because I like a center pull cake.

After I had ordered this from Switzerland I discovered that there are companies here in the U.S. that sell it.  (I know dumb of me right?)  I found a lady on Etsy who is fantastic to work with and if she has the color you want in stock, you receive it in just a few days.  Her shop is called  "Melodyy by Wolltraum".  I have three on order from her right now and can't wait to get the one called "White Christmas".
It has a little bit of glitter running thru it and it will look great in a holiday shawl.  This is probably old news to many of you but I just had to share my enthusiasm for this lovely yarn.

Hope everyone has a fantastic Memorial Day weekend and please say a Prayer and a Thank You for all those men and women who died fighting for our freedom.

Blessings, Barbara


Marilyn said...

OMG, the yarn and shawl are beautiful!
The yarn looks amazing, love the colorways.
Have fun with it!
Wishing you a peaceful Memorial weekend.

Vickie said...

Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous Barbara.

Robin in Virginia said...

The shawl you created and the yarn are gorgeous. Since I don't knit or crochet, I love hearing the excitement in your voice, Barbara. Off to check out this yarn!

Barb said...

Hello my far away friend, Oh how lovely that shawl is absolutely gorgeous I am in awe of the shawls you make, Martin bought me a Hebridean Shawl pin while we are on holiday ,now I just need to knit the shawl to put it on lol. Hope you are well , I am doing a post a day about our holiday if you want a look. Hugs and love.

Terri said...

I have not heard of this yarn! Thanks for sharing and the shawl, as usual, is beautiful!!!!!!!!!

Cricket-bug Corner said...

WOW! That is gorgeous yarn!!

Pam in IL said...

Ohhh, that yarn looks scrumptious! Another yarn I'm going to have to check out, lol. Your shawl is beautiful.