Saturday, June 10, 2017

Chocolate Covered Cherries

Today is Saturday and I have no idea what to get myself in to.  Hello....have you ever felt like that?  I have so much many cross stitch patterns....but I have nothing to do.  

I do have something very interesting to show you.  The other day I was stopped at a red light here in Orlando, and I noticed a strange object on the left hand side of the cross street.  There stood the weirdest bicycle I've ever seen but then I realized it was one of those old time ones with the huge front wheel.  I was curious to see how this person was going to get on that seat that was so high off the ground.  I didn't have long to wait for they got the green light and off she took.  See the long bar that goes from the small back wheel to the top of the big wheel....well she just ran up it jumped onto the seat.  No Way!!!  I was so stunned that I was surprised my picture turned out okay.  Here's what I saw:

I really have no idea how she rode this thing....yes it was a woman.

I do have a finish to share.  I purchased this cotton yarn a few months ago and just couldn't figure out what pattern to use and then I came across this V-stitch pattern that was perfect for it.  I call the shawl "Chocolate Covered Cherries" because that's what it reminds me of.  The cherry in the center with the white/pink cream surrounding it with a thin shell of chocolate.  You can see all the different gradients of colors that are in this yarn and I think it's beautiful.  I own another shawl similar to this one, so I'm putting this one in my store.  You can find it there if you are interested.  

I did finish another shawl but it hasn't reached the individual I made it for yet, and since it's a surprise, I'll wait till she receives it before I post about it.  
The Good Lord has seen to it that we have started our rainy season and we needed the rain badly so we now have showers everyday.  The only bad thing is that it makes the grass grow and you know how much I hate yard work down here.  
I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.
Blessings, Barbara


Robin in Virginia said...

Gorgeous shawl, Barbara! Love the name you gave it! What an interesting sight to see at the intersection; I have wondered how they seated without toppling over. Enjoy your weekend!

Sweet Sue said...

lovely shawl barbara, such pretty colors and cute name. yes, last night i was feeling like you ~ so i pulled out my crochet hooks and dusted them off. let's just agree that i'll not be entering anything in the state fair lol! sending wishes for a lovely weekend sweet friend. xo

Vickie said...

THAT is amazing! Neato that you saw the bike rider on the street!
What a gorgeous shawl Barbara!

marly said...

Beautiful work as always. That bike! If you start to fall there is no way to use your feet to gain control. Not for me that's for sure!

Marilyn said...

No way!
The wheels on that bike are too skinny to ride! lol
The shawl is beautiful, love the colors.

sunny said...

What a gorgeous shawl! Frederick Maryland has High Wheel Bike Races each year in August each year. So much fun to watch. Some of the riders are competitive, but most are just having fun riding, and many are in period costumes.

Barb said...

Hello sweetie, How nice to see a post from you in my reading list. Oh love the picture of the lady on the Penny Farthing which is what us Englanders call it. I have one (just an ornament,which I have used in flower arrangements in the past). The shawl has a perfect name and is as your knitting is just awesome(catching americanisms here).I know exactly how you feel about having so much to do but not wanting to do any of it. I did manage a blog post about a recent wandering if you want a look . Made me smile your post about the Disneyland and people wanting to see it. So hope you have a good week and that is all well your side of the pond. Many hugs to both and Vallie.Oops almost forgot Little John mwahx for him.