Thursday, September 1, 2016

Don't ya love tropical storms!!!!

One word for how the weathers been here in Orlando lately.....miserable....but it does make a nice time for stitching.  I don't feel like going anywhere and sure can't work in the yard.  

I was able to get two projects stitched up:
First one is a Lizzie Kate and it is me!!!  I don't like to say Happy Holidays at Christmas.  It's just not right and it's not fun.  So when I saw this design I knew it was for me.  I'm not sure how I'm going to finish it but I'm leaning towards a candle mat using one of the fabrics shown.  This was a great fun stitch!

Next is the Forget Me Not which I'm dedicating to my brother, Richard.  I'm thinking that this should be framed but I'm still debating.

I'm making good progress on the Weaver's Samplers which will be dedicated to my Aunt Margaret who made beautiful quilts.  

And my new project started today is Betsy's Tart.  This I know I'm going to frame in an antique round frame that I found at an estate sale that we stopped at coming home from De Leon Springs.  It's being stitched on a hand dyed fabric of a mystery color name but it's in shades of grey.

Well that's what I've been up  to.  The Lizzy Kate pattern is in my store if you're interested as is Betsy's Tart also.

I hope you've had a wonderful week where you are and that your weekend is even better.  Enjoy your family and friends and don't forget to tell them you love them.  

Blessings, Barbara

PS.  Okay I've lost it!!!  Take a good look at my Lizzie Kate Merry Christmas and tell me what's missing.  Can't figure it out?  How about the ball at the end of Santa's hat?  I'm glad I noticed this before I did the finishing work on it.  Since it's not going to be framed....maybe a pompom?  Hmmmm


Vickie said...

Quite a few sweet designs you have whipped up here Barbara. :D Have a great weekend!

Robin in Virginia said...

Barbara, you and your needle/thread have been busy. I like each one of your finishes. I bought myself that LK Santa because I don't say Happy Holidays or Season's Greetings either. Where do you find your checked fabrics? Stay safe and dry if you are in the storm's path. Thinking of you!

Marilyn said...

The LK is too cute, a pom pom would be cute.
What a great idea to dedicate your stitching.
Glad you are safe from the storms.

Justine said...

You've certainly made the most of the storm - perfect stitching weather! I love the cute LK design, and the Forget Me Not one in memory of your brother is gorgeous. Stay safe and keep stitching!

Mii Stitch said...

Fantastic stitching, that LK is on my wishlist.
I think you should frame the beautiful FMN in memory of your brother, it is simple but bursting with feeling.
Take care.

Barb said...

Well hello there you ,me here. Oh we are so alike guess what I ordered yesterday, yes the LK chart. It was only put on sale here in the UK yesterday. I had a visit from Mr Postman yesterday , thankyou so much for the snowflake chart. It will be stitched real soon. Tropical storms we do not get , today it is just grey damp and miserable.
I am loving the Forget me not design you are stitching , can you tell me who it is by as I have not seen that one here, I am waiting on the Hallween ones by JBW too. Anyone would think I was stuck for something to do lol. I did a blog post last week if you want to have a look. Always looking for comments lol. Hope all are well at yours and Ollie sends big licks and sniffs for Vallie. Hugs to you.

LindaLee said...

Beautiful stitching and I love the pieces you're working on. Nice work and I love stopping in to see what's going on from time to time. Love your blog.

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Lovely stitches. Be safe!

diamondc said...

Hi Barbara: I am like you I am from the old school I never and I mean never say Happy Holidays, I always say Merry Christmas, if someone is offended so be it, I am offended they want me to say Happy Holidays.
We spent almost two weeks in Cancun last Christmas, someone said Happy Holidays to a server from Mexico and he said it was Christmas not a holiday.
I love your Santa he is adorable, I look forward to seeing how you finish him.
Forget me not is so sweet, I am sure your brother would have love it.