Saturday, September 3, 2016


Well it's still raining here off and on but I was able to get to Costco and Joann Fabrics today.  Needed some floss for my next project.  I've really scaled down my fibers.  I only keep on hand those flosses that a pattern calls for and ones that are of a primitive color palette.  It makes it simpler to handle and doesn't take up as much room.
I was able to get Forget Me Not and the LK Merry Christmas ones finished up today.  I'm liking the LK but not so sure about FMN one.
This is the one I dedicated to my brother and on the back I placed his name and date of birth/death.   The little clocks in front of it I just received from my oldest brother.  These were clocks that Richard had purchased for our Mother on two Christmases and he thought I might like to have them.  I think it's perfect to have these in front of the picture.

This little guy turned out great.  I placed the part for the candle in the back so that the light shines down on the cross stitch.  I did a machine quilted pattern on the fabric part and I like how it goes with the Santa.

Betsy's Tart is coming along and so far a fun stitch.  
I just received an order from Stitch & Frog that I just can't wait to start but my next project will be a Shepherd's Bush Slate has a snowman AND a sheep.  Can't wait to start that one either.  "So Many Projects....So Little Time".

Hope you all are having a fantastic weekend so far.
Blessings, Barbara


Vickie said...

Very nice finish work Barbara. You certainly are keeping busy in this storm!

diamondc said...

Barbara: I hope the rain is not to much for your area, it sounds like a horrible storm, I watch the weather channel to see how it is going up the east coast.
Love your finish's so sweet, I have never thought of a candle mat and a finish the way you did it, what a great way to have the candle shine above Santa so sweet.
I love the Tarts, I broke down and bought some tart pans that are vintage and the perfect size, i need to have a finishing day next week.
I had to pin your works onto Pinterest.


Donna G. said...

Very pretty! What a lovely idea for the candle mat. Keep stitchin'!

Robin in Virginia said...

Lovely finishes, Barbara and very nice progress on Betsy's tart. Hope the rain lets up for you soon! You have been in my thoughts and prayers.

Sweet Sue said...

beautiful sentiments for your dear brother... glad to learn you were spared any severe weather, golashes can be so cumbersome. enjoy the holiday weekend:)

Bethan Foulkes said...

A lovely dedication to your brother, and a beautiful candle mat. Hope the weather calms down for you soon!

Pantangan Makanan Penderita Thalasemia said...

nice post..

Mii Stitch said...

Beautiful finishes!!!
Your finish in memory of your brother is perfect.

Justine said...

Why don't you like Forget Me Not? I think it's beautiful and along with your clocks makes a wonderful display in tribute to your brother.
Your candle mat is very cute and perfectly finished!
Hope the storms have passed you by without any lasting damage.