Monday, June 8, 2015

Good Monday to all of you and I hope your week has started off great.  I think I've mentioned Peyton and John's little dog Chloe and I finally got a picture of her.  She is a sweetheart!  When they were packing for our vacation, she decided they weren't leaving without her and she planned on making for sure.  LOL  She's a mixture and a rescue.  We just love her!

I've started Cherry Hollow Farm by Stacy Nash and as you can see I don't have alot finished yet.  The kit came with 36ct linen but I had trouble seeing it so Debbie switched it out and gave me a piece of 32ct.  Now I've done some dumb things in my stitching career but this one was the worse.  I always iron my linen before I use it and I give it a light spray of starch.  It's on a shelf above my ironing area so I just reached up and got what I thought was it and started spraying.  It wasn't was spray adhesive!!!!  I sprayed about half of a fat quarter.  Does anyone know how I can get this out?  I feel like such an idiot!  Anyway so I had to pick another linen.  I had bought some 38ct. Gander Linen because everyone said how great it is and I have it in several colors.  But I'm thinking if I can't see 36ct how am I going to see 38ct?  I can see it!  Someone had posted on a board about how easy this 38ct. linen is to see and they were right.  So I am stitching Cherry Hollow Farm over 2 threads with 1 strand of Weeks Dye Works and I'm loving it.  If you get a chance to purchase some Gander Linen, I highly recommend it.
I'm also working on another Christmas ornie and this one also is from Little House Needleworks called "My House".  It's part of her village series.  
I hope everyone has a very Blessed week, Barbara


Cricket-bug Corner said...

That little dog is adorable! I can't help with the spray - I hope someone can though!

Vickie said...

Chloe is quite the cutie.
Good luck with the spray adhesive. Yikes!

Robin said...

Nice start to Cherry Hollow Farm, Barbara! I have heard that about the Gander that the holes are easier to see. Sorry about using the spray adhesive instead of spray starch. Chloe is a cutie.

Robin in Virginia