Monday, June 15, 2015

There have been better weekends!!  Mine started off Saturday morning with a can of Pepsi exploding in my refrigerator.  You have to be careful with mine because on the top shelf there's one place where it will freeze anything.  Guess what got frozen!  Yepper that can of Pepsi so I had a fun start by taking everything out and washing it.  Not fun and not something to bring a smile to my face.  
I did start some new projects which I hardly ever have more than one thing going at a time but I needed something to get me in a good mood.
First off is the LHN design "Louise and Henry" which I've wanted stitched for quite awhile.
Second is a new design by Shakespeare Peddler called "Fraktur Bird".  It came as a kit with Nina's threads in it which I love working with.
I belong to the Primitive Stitcher's Society and we are having a SAL of a design by Brenda of With Thy Needle and Thread called "May Day Sampler".  This has turned into a very fun stitch which has put the other's in the background for the time being.

Last but not least is my Cherry Hollow Farm which I haven't gotten alot finished on it but I'm happy with what I have so far.

I took sweet Vallie up to the groomer's this morning for her bubble bath and she always smell so sweet afterwards.  They always manage to get her so clean and white....much better than I can.  Of course she won't be real happy with me afterwards but it doesn't last long.  :o)

I'm hoping the rest of my week goes better that the start and that I'm able to finish at least 2 of my starts.  My LNS is having a sale this coming Saturday so there goes my budget for the month.  I want to pick up some more silks....they're my passion!

I hope your week is Blessed with many happy moments,


Vickie said...

Well aren't you adventurous right now with all your projects!
Ugh. I have had chicken juice run all over the fridge, not fun.

Robin said...

Sorry about the frozen Pepsi from the exploding can! Hope the rest of your week goes smoothly! Your new starts look grand.

Robin in Virginia