Friday, June 5, 2015

2 New Finishes and a Question

 I hope everyone's had a great week and has gotten alot of stitchie time in.  I've been trying to keep busy and get another ornament finished.  It wasn't easy and I'm not real thrilled with how it turned out but it's done.  This one is called "Oh Christmas Tree" by Little House Needleworks and I just love the design.  At this rate, I"ll have a nice selection of ornies for our tree.  I also want to do some of those old fashioned "quilted" balls where you cover styrofoam balls with fabric.  I've always liked them and thought they would make a great addition and coordinate nicetly with the cross stitched ones.

The next finish is a Blackbird Design called "A Garden Fair" and I stitched it on a 28ct natural linen.  It took me forever to do the words because they are stitched over 1 thread and with the shakes that can be difficult but I did it.  I have to get a piece of glass cut and then I can frame it.  I bought this as a kit and stitched it with what it called for.  I just love the colors.  I have plenty of the fibers left over to stitch another sampler to coordinate with this one.
Well I was suppose to go to the doctors this past Wednesday but was called back and they moved it to this coming Wednesday.  That's fine with me but I do want to find out what's going on.

Now I want to ask out there in Blogland for help.  Dear Sweet Sue knows of my love for pink and green together and this morning I received an email from her showing me a beautiful pink and green sampler called "Elizabeth Saville 1841".  If anyone has this in their stash and would like to sell it, I would love to purchase it from you.  You can email me at and a thank you goes out to Sweet Sue for showing me another "Must Have".
Well that's about all that's going on here.  I hope each and everyone of you has a fantastic weekend and if you're in Texas, I hope you've started to dry out.  I love each and every one of you and keep you in my prayers.
Blessings Upon You, Barbara


Vickie said...

Wonderful work Barbara. :)
Good luck on the sampler hunt.
Have a good weekend Barbara. I am praying for you and you GD.

Robin said...

Lovely finishes, Barbara! Hope you are able to find the sampler out there in the world of stitchers! Thinking of you!

Robin in Virginia

marly said...

Hi Barbara. Stitching Bits n Bobs has the sampler under Finger Work designs page 2.