Sunday, May 10, 2015

Well tomorrow we leave Pa. For Washington, DC.  We went to the Amish auction and I came away with so many nice things.  I was lucky enough to win an actual Amish quilt.  I've wanted one for so long and what makes this one special to me is the story behind it.  While the women sit at their frames and to the hand quilting, the young girls sit at another frame and make a "tied"quilt.  That is what I bought.  There's an amazing story about one of the ladies whose quilts were for sale but I'll save that for later.   I got to visit my paternal grandmother's grave, Anna Grace,  and I said a prayer of thanks for all the needlework she taught me.
This is just 2 sections of quilts they were selling.  I really had to sit on my hands.  Lol
 will post more once I get home.
Blessings, Barbara


stitchinpeanut said...

How exciting.. Oh i love quilts and the tale they tell. Congrats.. Cant wait to see a pic.

Marilyn said...

What a great treasure to own an Amish quilt.
They are truly all beautiful.
Enjoy the rest of your trip.

Catherine said...

Fun times!!

Vickie said...

Good for you. You rascal! I want to hear the story!

Robin said...

Looking forward to seeing your quilt purchase! The racks in that picture look extremely tempting. Enjoy your time in the DC area.

Robin in Virginia

Justine said...

Those quilts are gorgeous! Do you have Amish relatives? So interesting.