Thursday, May 7, 2015

We are here in Pennsylvania and the weather is perfect.  I will have so many pictures to share when we get back.  Today the four of us actually did a mile hiking trail up a mountain near where we use to live.  Took the kids to see where we use to live and couldn't get over how everything has changed.
Tomorrow we are going to Gettysburg and I can't wait to go to a quilting shop that specializes in civil war reproduction fabrics. Then on Saturday we are going to an Amish sale that benefits the Amish schools.  I cannot wait to see their quilts!  And the food....amazing.
It's late and I am so tired but it's a good tired.
Blessings, Barbara


Marilyn said...

Have a fun time!

Vickie said...

Good, good, good for you all. I am so glad you are having a great time. What memories you are creating!

Carol said...

So glad you are visiting Pennsylvania when the weather is so ideal, Barbara!! Sure wish it could be like this year round :)

Enjoy your trip--those Amish quilts will be lovely!

Robin said...

Enjoy your time in Pennsylvania, Barbara! Looking forward to seeing pictures of your adventures when you return.

Robin in Virginia