Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Once Upon a Time......

I love this show and yesterday I watched this week's episode and the previews for the season ending 2 hour special.  I wonder how many of my fellow "Once upon a timers" read my blog and watch the show.  Can you imagine Snow White as evil?  The acting isn't the greatest but whoever writes this has a heck of an imagination.  Who's your favorite character?  Mine is the evil queen turned good girl Regina.  Sometimes I think she's reverting back to her old ways but then doesn't.  She just keeps me guessing.
Just one last post before we leave on vacation.  Be back soon.
Blessings to each and everyone of you,

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Vicky said...

Here in Australia the channel that was showing Once Upon A Time stopped at the end of season 3 and want say when it is coming back on to our screens. It has a large fan base here and the lobbying of the tv station hasn't helped at all so we are no all lobbying Foxtel which our cable/satellite tv provider to pick it up. Fingers crossed!! I think my favourite character is Hook, nice eye candy :)