Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Some new goodies......

 I had to stop by my LNS today to pick up the newest addition the BBD monthly houses and while there I did get in to some trouble.....the nice kind of trouble.  :o) 
I purchased three new Just Nan patterns and the sheep one I purchased the fabric for also.  This one will definitely go to Jenn because of her passion for sheep.  I bought the sheep thread winder and this will make a great addition to it.  Next was the winter ball.  I have no idea why I bought this because the chances of me finishing the stitching on this is very low.  LOL  I also purchased an Easter Bunny design that comes with the frame and that one will end up in my store once I stitch it.  I dislike the little frames that Nan uses but I do like the designs that go in them.
The above are 3 magazines that I purchased today.  The Piecework one goes to Jenn because I know she'll love the knitted socks that are on the cover.  That girl does fantastic sock knitting and has now published 2 patterns.  I'm very proud of her.  
The other magazine, Spool, is a new one so I bought the premier issue and the second one.  It not only has cross stitch, but also covers, knitting, embroidery and other types of needlework.  There is an owl pattern in the one that I am going to stitch asap.  I love it!!!!
Well that was my day at the LNS and then when I am going out the door, she reminds me about the Nashville market coming up.  She has a great way of doing it in her store.  The day that she gets back with all her goodies, she closes the shop and displays everything.  She doesn't open until early evening and then we all go at the same time.  I LOVE THE NASHVILLE MARKET....but my hubby and his wallet hate it!!!
As always, Barbara


dixiesamplardesigns said...

Love the new stash...and thanks for the info on the new mag "Spool".

Happy Stitchin'

Bekca said...

Great new stash, can't wait to see the new owl design. Happy stitching to you.