Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Circus came to town....

The circus came to Orlando this week and hubby and I were lucky to get great seats.  We were in the second row, dead center to the center ring.  I had never been to the large Ringling Circus in my life and I guess it's true what they say....the circus is for kids.  I was just a little disappointed and I think it's because I had my expectations way too high.  
I loved the elephants and the tigers but unfortunately, they wouldn't let me go up and touch the cats.  **sniff, sniff**
 The trapeze act scared the dickens out of me.  

I think I received more enjoyment out of watching the kids that were seated around us.   It was great listening to them go ooooh and ahhhhh.  Childhood is definitely wasted on the young.  LOL
Anyways now I can say I've been to the circus and that's another thing I can strike off my list of things to do.
As always, Barbara


~*Shar*~ said...

I never have liked the circus; if one came to town and the girls wanted to go; I had their dad take them or they'd go w/friends. Don't really know why I don't like it??

Hugs, Shar

Carolyn said...

Well BUMMER! I know how you were looking forward to it. I've never been either,and probably won't now. I honestly don't understand why they wouldn't let you pet the "cats". How rude of them. LOL Love ya!