Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Pinkeep Story

Have you ladies seen this pattern? I fell in love as soon as I did and these shall be my next large project. Each design in the book is done by a different designer. They are: Blackbird Designs, Tournicoton, Little House of Needleworks, With My Needle, Isabelle Haccourt Vautier, Marie's Passion, Marie-therese Saint Aubin, Passe Compose, Jardin Prive, Miky's Creations, Swappons and C Mon Monde. Can you imagine all of these fantastic designers in one book? Now you know why I fell in love. Then I have to find a three layer stand to display them on. Maybe my hubby will take pity on me and make me one.
I am now working on a Christmas ornament by JBW of an angel and will have that posted in a day or two. I'm also working on a knitted pincushion that is knitted with wool on very fine needles and stuffed with wool roving. This is one thing I am having fun with. I want to come out with a needlework set knitted on very fine needles with fine wool. Think I will have any problems? Oh I know I will but the fun is figuring out how to overcome them. I would love ideas from you ladies on what color to use. I am thinking of doing them in indigo blue with an olive green contrast. What do you think.....or should I go with something entirely different.
Well enough for now. I gotta get back to work if I'm going to have these done in any time soon.
As always, Barbara


Redrodi56 said...

What a fabulous collection! No wonder you fell in love. I'll keep my eyes out for the perfect display stand for you - I'm surprised they don't tell you where to find it in the chart. Can't wait to see the pictures once you are finished. You go girl!

Anonymous said...

From what I have found researching on the internet, a posting on GiGi's blog states that the fundraiser is closed and the booklets are sold out. Sorry to pass on the bad news I found. If I am incorrect please let me know.
Sounds like you were lucky to have gotten a copy. This is the address I found the announcement on dated Nov. 7, 2010....
Hope that helps Redrodi56.