Monday, November 8, 2010

Some Beautiful Shawls for Sale

Most of you will remember this one from's the Aeolian shawl that Jenn knitted out of hand dyed 100% wool cobweb weight yarn. Sorry about the small picture at the top of page, but more pictures are available upon request. This one was a great, great deal of work...not only in the knitting but the adding of beads to it. I have included a close up of this work with the beads. You will find this one for sale in my store also.

What you see here is a new shawl that I have crocheted out of a great yarn made out of wool, bamboo and acrylic. The wool adds warmth, the bamboo adds drape and the acrylic adds washability. The first picture is the pattern in the book and the second picture is the colors I made mine out of....cream and two shades of teal. This is a very generous size of 22 x 55 inches and is just waiting to hug you or yours in warmth. This can be found in my store for sale and yes, it is included in the sale items.
As always, Barbara

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