Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Spoonful of Sugar........

.....makes the medicine go down.....and this little pillow from Just Another Button Co is just as sweet. It was so much fun to stitch and I can't wait to see and stitch some more of these monthly teaspoons. I took a green and white checked ribbon and ruched that around the outside and added a bow with pink, green and pale yellow ribbons. You will find this in my "store" for sale.
I received so many emails about the soxs my daughter designed that I thought I would share another of her knits. She did this shawl last year and if you look up close, you will see that the yarn is a kettle dyed with varying shades of yellow and that there are thousands of white beads knitted right in to the pattern. This shawl is as light as a spider web to wear and the reason I have it is to store it. Four boys under the age of 11 are bound to get into trouble now and then and she would rather have this shawl out of hands reach. Can't say I blame her....there are hundreds of hours of work involved here.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday and has plenty of time to sit and stitch in this hot weather in the nice cool air conditioning.
As always, Barbara


Cole said...

Great finish! And I love the shawl, your daughter does wonderful work too :)

Carol said...

What a beautiful finish, Barbara! And your daughter's shawl is just amazing--I can totally understand why she has it at your home for safekeeping with four little guys running around!

Tatkis said...

Such a nice strawberry design, and the ribbons fit perfect!
And the shawl is great!

Best wishes,

Redrodi56 said...

Love the little spoon pillow - you are so creative w/ your finishing work. And your daughters shawl is amazing - Did your family hord ALL the talent?????