Saturday, August 14, 2010

Knitting with Double Pointed Needles

I'm not sure how many of you knit, but this weekend I knitted my first thing with double pointed needles. I picked something very easy like a hat that was done on large needles. What made this one so easy is that you started at the brim with the k1, p1 ribbing and work towards the crown. I actually only had to do 6 rows with the dp's and that was fine with me. Below you will see the finished item. It's called "merinque" and I think it looks very french with the ribbon laced thru the yo's and tied into a bow.
One of the reasons I was determined to learns this was my daughter, Jenn. She is a wonder when it comes to knitting and I can't let her get ahead of me.....especially since I taught her to knit. :o)
Below you will see a halloween sock pattern that she designed and is selling on Ravelry. You can find her selling page at this link:
if you are interested in purchasing the pattern. Aren't they adorable??? Can't you see yourself wearing them this Halloween while you're giving out candy to the little ones that come for treats?

That's all for now. I've been working on the BBD Berry Time design and it's coming along slowly. I was at my local shop yesterday and came away with a couple of new things. I purchased on of the Just Another Button Cos. new teaspoon patterns. I'm working on that too and it's turning out adorable. I do love their patterns and I have 4 of their teapots to stitch yet. So many little time. I have decided that I could get alot more stitching done if 3 things did not interfere. 1. Eating 2. Sleeping 3. I right or what??? :o) Everyone have a blessed Sunday, As always Barbara

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~ Stitchin Sweet Sue ~ said...

Wow Barbara, your hat is really really nice. I don't knit, but do adore and appreciate any needle art, you're one very talented needlewoman. Your daughters' work is amazing:) Hope you're surviving the Fl heat and humidity. Have a lovely Sunday...