Monday, January 1, 2018 all my friends and family.  Here's wishing that 2018 is better than 2017 was to our family and your's.  We had high's (Zane's birth) with real lows (DH lung surgery) but we all came thru it.  One thing I've noticed though is that the older I get, the harder it is to come thru the low's.  Am I the only one?

I want to share some pics of Zane and Little John that crack me up.  First off is Little John wearing my stitching glasses.  He looks like Ben Franklin...
...he's also a huge ham.  Then one of him with us at Best Buy....he said he was tired and took advantage of the shopping cart.
Here's a story about this little guy that will give you a smile.  He has begun potty training and the other day Peyton told him to go get on his potty and pee.  He was wearing his big boy pants so she figured it would be no problem for him.  She went back to the bathroom to check on him a few minutes later and there's our boy with his pants down standing on top of the closed potty peeing on the lid that he was standing on.  LOL  He actually took it very literally....peeing on his potty.  

Next is Zane who was wide awake for this photo and you get to see his big blue eyes.

I swear this boy changes his looks every day.

I started a new design by Hands on Designs.  It's called "Sunshine on a Stem" and I'm stitching it for a friend.
Sunshine On A Stem

I'm doing mine a little different and I'll post a pic when I'm finished with it.

I hope everyone in the north is staying toasty warm on this Monday afternoon.  It's in the 50's here but damp and rainy.  To me it's freezing.  Vallie has on her sweater and won't get off my lap which is fine with me because she feels warm. 

Just keep in mind that after the Winter chill there is Spring.....

Blessings, Barbara


Barb said...

Adorable little guys and what a cute story. It reminds me of my DH. We stopped at Cosco in Nov.I sat in the car(hate the crowd). I told him to check and see if they had their cedar garlands yet. He came out with nothing. I said I guessed the garlands were not in yet. He said." Oh yes they were, you just told me to check and see if they had them yet" It must be the male species!!!!

marly said...

What sweeties! He sure knows how to take orders from mom right down to the letter!

I'm freezing in single digits. Happy new year!

diamondc said...

Barbara: I am so happy your Husband is doing well, lung surgery is not an easy thing to accept.
The photos of the boys are adorable.
It is below zero here in Minnesota, with wind chills in the teens and twenties.

Happy New Year

Marilyn said...

Both cute little boys, to funny about Little John. :)
That's a cute start, cute design.
It's been in the minus digits here for almost a week now, too cold for me. I don't mind snow, but hate the cold temps.
It's too cold to snow though!
Wishing you and you family a very Happy New Year.
Lets all hope we all have more highs than lows this year.

Robin in Virginia said...

Thank you for sharing the photos of Zane and Little John along with Little John's potty story! I look forward to seeing your latest project, Barbara. Wishing you and your a new year filled with more highs than lows!

Vickie said...

Oh your greatgrandsons are adorable! The poodles and I are quite cold up here. Today's high is 11. The pattern you stitched for your friend is so sweet Barbara. :)

blueladie said...

DH and I had a not very pleasant 2017 to say the least. You are not the only one to think the older you get, the harder it is to recover.

Thanks for the chuckle. Your grandsons are darling! Happy New Year and blessings to you and yours. Cathryn

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