Sunday, January 14, 2018

It's Cold Again!

I don't see how I lived in the north for all those years because I am freezing here in 50 degree temps.  Either it has to do with blood thinning or just old age.  I'm voting on the second one.  To all of you who are still suffering under this last cold spell.....stay warm.
I have a finish to share.  I started this last weekend and I really got it finished least for me.  It's a BBD design and it really doesn't have a name.  The title just says "Necessity Box and Strawberry".....but I didn't make the strawberry and I finished it into a pillow.  I have to laugh at the names of the fabric and threads I chose...Gingerbread 28ct. and it's stitched with Crescent Colors Cherry Cobbler.  Sounds yummy doesn't it?

I've had that cotton print fabric for years and finally got to use it to make the pillow.  My motto:  Never throw anything away because you never know when you might need it.  This has gotten me into trouble several times with trying to find room in my sewing room for storage.
My next project is another BBD design called "Hats off to Uncle Sam".   I love how they have it finished and I'm not sure if I want to attempt it or not.  I'll wait and see and make up my mind later.
I'm stitching it on the called for fabric but am using different threads that I have on hand.  
Thank you all for stopping by to see what I've been up to.  Have a fantastic week and again, stay warm.
Blessings, Barbara


diamondc said...

Hi Barbara: I made the Uncle Sam, it was easier then I thought it would be to put together.
I love the pillow the pin adds a special effect to it.
It is now snowing it has been for about three hours, Mike has a cold and down in bed so I will be shoveling or snowblowing depends on how much fall, so far 2 inch's ICK.


Robin in Virginia said...

Barbara, congratulations to you on your finish! The thread and fabric combination looks super along with the cotton calico fabric you used to create the pillow. I look forward to seeing your Hats Off to Uncle Sam. I have made a note to myself about the threads you are using.

Justine said...

Two beautiful projects Barbara! The colours of threads in your pillow don't just sound good, they really complement each other. The Uncle Sam one has gorgeous bright colours. Enjoy!

Mii Stitch said...

What a gem of a pillow! This is such a lovely finish. Enjoy stitching your new project, the colours look great.

Marilyn said...

The pillow is so pretty, with lovely colors.
Congrats on your finish.
I have done Hats Off to Uncle Sam, it was a fun project.
There's a pic on my FB page.

Vickie said...

What a yummy pillow! Ha! Your next project looks fantastic. I am with you on the cold Barbara, but I would LOVE for it to be 50!! It is 17 and snowing. :(

Barb said...

That little BBD design is so pretty and I love the way you made it into a pillow!! I am considering that Hats Off to Uncle Sam too. I will be interested in how you finish it.

Bethan said...

A lovely, and yummy finish! Good luck stitching Uncle Sam x