Saturday, October 8, 2016


Well Matthew is on his way to bother someone else and hopefully will die out soon.  We had a tree limb fall off a tree and Peyton and John showed up today to help us with that problem.  We didn't even lose power....although it flickered a couple of times.  

To anyone who has yet to be bothered by this storm, I hope all is well afterwards.  
God is Good
Blessings, Barbara


Marilyn said...

I'm glad you are ok and safe from Matthew and that you didn't have any major damage.

Vickie said...

So glad to know all is well with you. Peyton and John are good to you two. Yes, God is Good!

blueladie said...

So glad to hear this, Barbara! Praise God! :) Cathryn

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Glad you are safe!

diamondc said...

Barbara: I am so happy you had minor problems.
I fear hurricanes and tornado's, or cyclone's.
I hope your needle is moving with stitching.


Cricket-bug Corner said...

Glad you made it through - scary!

Robin in Virginia said...

Barbara, I was happy to read this AM that you made it through okay minus the tree limb. You were in my thoughts over the course of the weekend.

YooB said...

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Von said...

So thankful all is well with you following the storm!