Monday, October 10, 2016


Hello my fellow stitchers.  I hope everyone who was in Matthew's path has recovered and got away with not too much damage.  
One good thing did come out of this storm and that was I got a lot of stitching done on my Never Fading sampler.  I can't figure out why the designer named it that.  Any ideas?  I only have the X and the inside border at the bottom and then I get to add the wool, charms and buttons.

I'm going to be adding this pattern to my store when I'm finished and I'm going to include a piece of the WDW wool that I used.  I've also added a box I made several years ago for my scissor collection but since I sold that off, I no longer need the box.

Remember the lace yarn I showed you called Grandmother's Kitchen?  Well I tried working with it and I was having alot of trouble with that's been set aside for another day.  What I did start was a knitted cowl out of this beautiful Trendsetter yarn called Firefly.  It's a camel color with just a bit of red sparkle to it.  I thought it would go nice with a red silk blouse I have to wear for Christmas.  

The pattern is on Ravelry and is called LTYC Open Hooded Cowl.  It doesn't have a picture of the completed design so you'll have to wait and see with me what it looks like.  LOL  I like surprises....don't ask me why.

Well that's all the updates I have right now.  I haven't decided what my next xs project will be but I know it's going to be small.  I need a break.

Blessings, Barbara


Cricket-bug Corner said...

Nan Lewis of Threadwork Primitives did the never fading sampler- looks great!

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Oh why not who - sorry

Marilyn said...

Great progress.
Not sure why it's named that.
She doesn't say on her blog.
The yarn is pretty, can't wait to see the cowl.

Vickie said...

You certainly are a busy bee my friend! :D

Robin in Virginia said...

What pretty yarn you are using for the cowl! Good going on your sampler project! I often wonder why/how designers choose the names for their designs.