Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Hello my fine Ladies on this glorious Tuesday morning.  I've had some  good luck and bad luck in my stitching this past weekend that proves to me that somethings just don't work out for a reason.
I started the 2 projects last week and both of them have hit the dust.  I just couldn't get into them so I figured why waste my time, threads and fabric.  This has happened a lot to me over the years as I'm sure it has you also.  What I have started working on again is The Weaver's Sampler and I'm enjoying it immensely.

This is the one I'll be dedicating to my Aunt Margaret who was the quilter and so I'm trying to come up with a way of demonstrating this in the finishing.  Any ideas?

Then there's Vallie.  This is how I get stared at when she knows it's getting close to bed time at night.  She's relentless....

Then there's my little buddy....Little John.  Peyton sent this to me this morning of how he climbed into the laundry basket and just decided to lay back and take a rest.  Notice the one sock on and the one sock off.  He hates socks!

That's about all for now.  We have Little John's birthday party on Sunday so I'll have lots of pictures come Monday.  Until then...

Blessings, Barbara


Robin in Virginia said...

Sorry your two projects bit the dust! It looks like you are making good progress on The Weaver's Sampler. What if you added strips of fabric around each side and then do a wider border with quilt block corners to create a wall hanging? Our previous lab, Jazz would stare like Vallie and if that didn't work, then she would poke you. Little John is a cutie!

Cricket-bug Corner said...

I hate when I can't get into a project! Cute boy!

Vickie said...

Vallie and John are both precious!

Marilyn said...

It would look great as a quilted wallhanging or even a pillow.
Poor Vallie, she's too darn cute.
And Little John, OMG, he's grown.
We can't wait to see pics of his Party.

Barb said...

Hi there Barbara , well what a lot you have got done on your new project,yes I have done that with designs I must have chosen and then gone totally "off"them . Some I just cannot be bothered to frog if they are wrong ,bad I know but life is too short , I am 6 years older than you too lol. Oh Vallie ,she is so saying I need my bed. Ollie sleeps most of the day but he is awake all evening asking for treats than at 10 pm he knows he goes out for his last "tinkle of the day".I must have missed a post as I went back and omg loving the elegant dress you have got for the Wedding. Happy birthday to the gorgeous one sock boy, lots of snuggles from over here.
Hugs for you too.

diamondc said...

Greetings Barabra: I am with Little John, I hate socks and I hate shoes.
Valli is so sweet, my cat and dog do the same stare at bedtime, they sleep on the floor but like the coziness of the room, a big warm rug on the wood floor.
I love your start it is a lovely pattern, I am not sure how I would finish it.


Von said...

Life's too short to force yourself to stitch something you're just not into!!