Thursday, August 18, 2016

New Project & a beautiful smile

I want to keep busy and the mono colored design I'm working on was starting to get to me.  I love mono designs but this one the color is a little drab so I thought I'd start a new Brenda Gervais design called Forget Me Not.  It's a very simple design that can be made into a pillow or framed and it has 5 buttons that I'm going to go looking for some antique ones.  I have some Mother of Pearl but I don't think they'd look right.

This bag I saw on Pinterest and thought I'd try making one.  It's for carrying a small knitting or crocheting project.  You loop the handle over your arm and keep the yarn in the bag.  Everything stays neat and clean and it's very handy for doctor appointments when you're waiting for DH to get done.  I do that alot so I can see this being used quite a bit.  I'm thinking of making another one but a tiny bit bigger.  We'll see.

How's this for a happy baby!  This was this past Wednesday when Peyton comes down to do my cleaning and I enjoy Little John.  He's such a pleasure to be around and always makes me feel good.

I placed two new patterns in the store if you're interested.  One is a BBD pattern and the other one is a With Thy Needle & Thread one.  

Enjoy your weekend!
Blessings, Barbara


gracie said...

What a terrific smile that little one has! What a great project bag.

Mii Stitch said...

I love the forget me not design!!!

Vickie said...

Forget Me Not is fantastic Barbara. And so is Little John. :D

Robin in Virginia said...

Little John is a cutie; love his smile! Looking forward to seeing more of your new project and your bag looks great. Have a peaceful weekend, Barbara.

Marilyn said...

The bag is cute, and looks very useful.
Little John is too cute with his smile.
What a happy little guy.
He's getting big!
Glad you got some time with him.

diamondc said...

Oh my gosh Barbara: Little John is so cute, what a little sweetheart.
I wish Peyton would come clean for me, now is when I insert tears in my eyes, you are a lucky Lady to have her do that for you.
Love the Forget Me Not, I am a big fan of Brenda's.