Monday, March 14, 2016

First off I want to wish everyone a Happy Spring and hope that where you live, it's right around the corner.  It's been sunny here but still some cool nights which is very nice.
I have two major things to share with you.  The first one involves Little John.  Today he ate his first solid food...applesauce....and the look on his face said "why haven't I been getting this all along".  I have a video of it but it's on my phone, so as soon as John shows me how to upload it onto my computer, I will show you.  He's gotten so big!!!
The other thing is our girl Vallie learned that she CAN jump up onto a chair if there's something there she really wants.
I don't know who was more shocked, me or her.  LOL  She still comes to her mommy when she wants up with me though. She'll never be a jumper.
That's about all I have to talk about.  I did finish a new shawl and it's made out of alpaca and cashmere.  It's so soft and cuddly.

Blessings to All, Barbara


Marilyn said...

Happy Spring to you too!
I sure hope it gets here soon.
Cute video of Vallie.
Her tail is wagging, so she must've wanted what was in the chair real bad. lol

Vickie said...

:D Vallie is so cute. Our Henry is the same way. He has to be REALLY motivated to jump up. That shawl is truly gorgeous Barbara! Wow!

Robin in Virginia said...

Happy Spring to you, Barbara! The shawl you created is gorgeous.

marly said...

How cute. Our dogs were up more than they were down.

Barb said...

Hi there Barbara, I hope by now you have a package from me as it was posted about 10days ago and they said it would be with you in about 10, it still may be in the system somewhere. Happy spring to you to, my friend, Vallie is so cute and she lookslike she has a powder puff for a tail. looking forward to seeing Little John tasting his apples sauce . The shawl is simply stunning love the colouring too,clever girl. Hope life is treating you will . Have a wonderful birthday come the weekend.
Hugs from the one over the pond.

blueladie said...

BEAUTIFUL shawl, Barbara! :) Cathryn

Pam in IL said...

How fun to taste applesauce for the first time! I bet Little John was adorable to watch. My dog is large so no jumping...just just steps up, lol. Your shawl is lovely. What pattern did you use?

diamondc said...

Lovely Shawl, your dog is adorable.


Sweet Sue said...

happy spring barbara! too dang cute... vallie, lil john and shawl! xo