Friday, February 26, 2016

How the days fly by.....

Here it is the end of February and my husband and I are both sick as dogs.  He has acute bronchitis and I've just have a head cold with body aches.  It stinks because it's spring time down here and the weather has been very nice.  Cool breezy days......great days for Vallie and I to take walks but no go.  I think Vallie would end up having to carry me home.
I purchased a new xs pattern....Rabbit House by Death by Thread hoping it would get me into the stitching mood.  Well it didn't.  I have been making shawls and neck warmers like crazy.  I send most of the finished ones up to my sister-in-law in Pa and she takes them to her church.  There's a group there that does shawls for nursing homes and she adds mine to them.  I don't know why I've been on such a binge of knitting and crocheting but it seems to be the only thing I want to do.  I have no idea why because there's so many beautiful xs patterns coming out.
Here are some of the shawls and neckwarmers I finished.....

I can't close without showing you an update on Little John.  I am so mad......I was suppose to babysit him tomorrow and I'm sick so I can't do it.  Peyton sent me this picture just the other day to show how Little John sleeps just like his arm behind his head.

He's getting so big and he's beginning to get the dimples on his elbows and knees.  I just love them!

He also likes to show he's a big boy by sitting up and watching cartoons.  He's such a cutie pie I could just eat him up..
That's all for now except to wish everyone a fantastic weekend and that you have nice spring weather wherever you are.  Soon it will be summer down here and too hot to do anything.  If you've never been to Florida in the summer time.....don''ll burn up with the rest of us.

Blessings Abound, Barbara


Cindy's Stitching said...

I hope you both get better soon. you do amazing work on such beautiful shawls. little john is so cute. have a good weekend

Marilyn said...

Your shawls and neckwarmers are all so pretty.
Sometimes we have to do something else for awhile until our stitching mojo comes back.
Little John is so cute, funny about his sleeping habit. :)
I hope you and your DH both get over your illness soon.
Take care.

Vickie said...

I am sorry you two are both sick.
Your shawls and neck warmers are so beautiful Barbara. What a blessing you are to someone in PA. And to all of us! ;)

Robin in Virginia said...

Barbara, I hope you and your husband are feeling better soon! Little John is one handsome little fella. Wow, your shawls and neck warmers are fabulous looking. Thinking of you!

Pam in IL said...

Sorry to hear you and your hubby haven't been feeling well. Praying you both get better soon. Your shawls and neck warmers are so nice. I'm kind of going through a crochet phase right now too. Little John is adorable!