Saturday, August 29, 2015

Way to go Pa.

I was talking with one of my brothers this afternoon and he informed me that Lewisberry, Pa was playing for the Little League World Series Championship against Texas....score 2 to 2.  I turned the channel and saw some of the cutest kids trying their hearts out to win.  I was just in time to see Lewisberry get the winning score of 3 to 2.  If your not familiar with Lewisberry, the towns population is less then 375 and if you blink while driving thru it, you'll miss it.  One of my brothers lives there so I know the area.   
Congratulations to the Champs

I have some finishes to show you, but I'll post them tomorrow.
Blessings, Barbara


Marilyn said...

What an accomplishment for such a small town.
Congrats to them!!

Vickie said...

How special!
I am praying!

Robin said...

Congratulations to them! Enjoy your Sunday, Barbara!

Robin in Virginia