Monday, July 27, 2015

Why is it that when you want time to fly by it's as slow as a snail?  But then you look back on your life and it seems to have gone by in the blink of an eye.  It's very confusing.
I finished another little pillow.  This one is called "My Treasures" by Threadwork Primitives.  I filled this one with corn cob because of it's size.....corn cob is cheaper than crushed walnuts.  I'm liking how it turned out but I feel it's missing something.  
Maybe a trim or a stick pin?  I don't know but maybe some time it will come to me.
I'm debating on what to stitch next.  I want to stitch Gigi from Mirabilia to go with Ana but I've started it twice only to have to frog everything because of mistakes.  I don't think the Cross Stitching Gods want me to stitch her for some reason.  I have everything to do The Raven Queen but she's for next years large project.  
What I really should be working on is the sweater for the new great grand baby, John Elijah.  Peyton and John picked out this pattern:

and I'm knitting it in a royal blue (they don't want the traditional baby colors) and it's a wonderful Cascade Sateen Worsted.  I purchased it online from Craftsy and the link to it is here.  It's wonderfully soft and great to work with and you can't beat the price.  Let me knit a little bit more on it and I'll post a picture.
So whatever I start on next hopefully will keep my mind busy so it doesn't keep coming up with dreadful results of the PET scan this Thursday.
Blessings upon you,


Robin said...

Congratulations on your little pillow finish, Barbara! I really like it; it has a simple elegance to it. What a darling sweater you are knitting! Maybe, you should stitch a few more smalls (how about an ornament for the new great grandbaby?) before taking on Gigi.

Robin in Virginia

CalamityJr said...

Maybe the third time's the charm for Gigi?

Marilyn said...

A pretty finish, and cute sweater pattern.
Sending positive thoughts for Thursday.

Vickie said...

A sweet finish. What a cute sweater that will be!