Thursday, May 14, 2015

Well we made it....

Have you been so exhausted that if you came across skeins of silk floss laying in the street, you'd be too tired to pick them up?  Well that's me.  My feet and legs are swollen from sitting in the car so long.  I guess I'll have to see that doctor to recover from my vacation. 
As promised here are some pictures you might enjoy.

First is when we were almost to the Amish sale, we came across one of them arriving and I took a picture.  You don't take pictures of their faces and you'll notice you can't see them in the picture.  It used to be that if you came across one you were not allowed to pass them.  My brother said that it might still be like that in Lancaster County but we were north of there.  This was a father and his son.

As promised here are the quilts.  Imagine a large barn filled with arts and crafts that they have made to earn money for their schools.  The state of Pa. does not give them any money so they have auctions to support them.  Everything you see on the walls shelves....everything was sold.

The story of the lady I was talking about in a previous post is a sad one.  She was in her 80's and still making small and large quilts.  She had finished....if my memory is correct.......5 small ones and 1 large one.  She passed away 2 days before the sale and needless to say, her items went extremely high.  When they auctioned off one, they would hang it from a line with clothes pins so you could see it better.  I couldn't take any pictures of that because the ladies would of been in the pictures....sorry.

I can truthfully say, I've never seen prettier quilts than what I saw there.  The workmanship was fantastic and I love their use of color.  They have certain patterns they stick too but it doesn't matter once you've seen the work up close.  I believe it was Justine who asked if I have Amish in me.  Well my paternal great-grandmother was Mennonite and my Mother has some Pennsylvania Dutch in her.  I think stitching is in my genes and I had no choice but to love every type.

Now for my little beauty.
I absolutely loved the colors in this quilt and that's why I purchased it.  If you look closely at the head of the bed there's a pillow.  That was made out of an antique quilt that I had that was falling apart.  I was able to save enough of it to make the pillow.
I also bought these two prints.

The first one is of a famous barn called "The Star Barn".  It's 135 years old and is located along Rte. 283 in Dauphin County and I understand that it's been purchased and will be moved to a different location.  Here is an actual picture of the barn and it's out buildings.

 I purchased the one below because the house in the picture reminded me of the one I grew up in.  They are both now in my living hanging and the other on top of a cedar chest beside a clock my father made me.

I have lots more pictures but I'll save them for later.  They are mostly of Gettysburg and Washington, D.C.  All in all,  we had a wonderful trip.  No bad weather but everyone thought it was funny that I live in Florida but went to Pennsylvania to get sunburned.  It's starting the itching phase and then the peeling will begin.  

I hope everyone has a Blessed weekend,


Justine said...

I love the quilt you chose! Beautiful colours. Stitching is definitely in your genes!

Vickie said...

What a pretty choice in a quilt Barbara. Your prints are fantastic.
I am worried about your legs. My mother traveled by train several years ago, and got blood clots in her legs from it. Keep you feet up, but move around every once in a while I think. Not sure. Maybe you should have the doctor check you out?

Robin said...

What fabulous photos you shared! Your quilt is lovely and I really like both the prints you purchased. How very cool to see the barn in the first print in person.

Robin in Virginia

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

Gettysburg, Lancaster and Washington DC are all fabulous places to visit! Thank you for sharing with us the beauty that was found at the Amish Auction. GORGEOUS! And your quilt...stunning!

Carol said...

Oh, those quilts look amazing and how nice to come home with your very own, Barbara. Just love the beautiful farms out in that part of PA, too... So sorry about the sunburn--that was most unusual May weather for us :)

sunny said...

What a fun trip! I live not far from there, and love taking a trip to Lancaster County. Hope you get rested and refreshed soon.