Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A giveaway and a finish

Well it didn't take as long as I thought it would to finish so here's "My Pink Rose" all done.
However, I did discover just how dumb I can be.  Let me back up some and take another picture of the entire piece of linen......
Go ahead and say it....."dang that Barbara is dumb!"  LOL  I couldn't believe I had done that....goes to show not to start something late in the day.  However, I still love it and you'll notice I didn't put the border on and it's a good thing I didn't.
Next up I have something amazing to show you.  I was at the Salvation Army the other day with John and came across a bamboo tea box.  It's about 8 by 12 and about 3 inches high.  Inside it is divided into 8 equal sections large enough to hold tea bags in envelopes.  Well I bought it and I use it for my accessories for stitching.  Then I had a brainstorm.....what if Amazon sold other bamboo boxes in different off I went to check.  What I found was this:
What you see is several different boxes that when placed together measure 15 x 15 inches.  These are extremely well made and I use the lower one that measures 5 x 15 inches to hold my scissors, threads and orts when I'm stitching on something.  The others I have plans for like pincushions.  Also you see a round bamboo salt box that the cover slides open on.  What a great ort box!!!  Add a little design to the top and your in business.  If interested in seeing these on Amazon, you can find them here:
Salt Box:  here
Boxes:  here

Now for the giveaway.

  Since I've finished with this newest of Blackbird Designs "My Pink Rose" I'm offering it up to anyone anywhere.  It's small so it will fit in a little envelope and postage won't be ridiculous.  Just add a comment to this post only and please post your name.  It's Wednesday so how about we have it go until the race starts this coming Sunday at Martinsville.  
I think this was the longest post I've done in a long time and I appreciate your patience.
Have a Blessed day, Barbara


Vickie said...

Lovely! A pink rose is my kind of rose. Ha! I am not wild about moths and butterflies to be honest. It seems silly, that is the reason I am going to pass on this chart. No worries. You are so generous, I am confident you will have another sometime that I will enter to win. ;)
Neat find at Salvation Army. And now you got yourself a set!

Kathy C said...

Lovely finish!

Justine said...

Lovely finish but please don't include me as I have more than enough stash! I couldn't see what was wrong with it at first. I've done that too before now but had to frog the lot as the design would not have fit on the fabric otherwise. So frustrating!
I love your bamboo boxes. They would look great glued together and displayed on a wall with little stitched things in the boxes.

Robin said...

What a lovely finish, Barbara! How will you finish it? Thank you for the link to the bamboo boxes that you bought. I know you will enjoy using them.

Robin in Virginia

Connie said...

Roses are my favorite flowers and I love your stitched version! Please throw my name in the hat. Thanks for the link to the boxes, too.

ps: I've made the same mistake. :0 it does make finishing a challenge, doesn't it!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Very pretty finish. Fun to find different uses for common things, and you found some great ones!

Angela Tucker said...

That is so pretty and I love the dotted fabric. I really like the idea of the boxes...I will be heading over to Amazon next!

Donna G. said...

Beautiful piece! I love the fabric. I have some red linen with white "polka dots".....haven't stitched on it yet. 😃
Thanks for offering the pattern as a giveaway!

Fay and Charlette said...

I've made the same mistake countless of times. It comes from the excitement of starting something...I always forget to properly orient the fabric. Your's turned out well...lucky you! I'd love an opportunity to win the chart "My Pink Rose"...I have some lovely Ideas for it! Thank you also for the tip on the boxes.

Angela CG said...

I love the fabric you chose to stitch on. So what if it is the wrong direction, your stitching is still lovely and I bet it would make a lovely box top. Thank you for the chance to stitch "My Pink Rose".

Patty C. said...

pink rose is a beautiful finish & loooove the boxes ;)