Friday, January 30, 2015

I knew there was a reason I hadn't started the Lizzie Kate Mystery Sampler SAL....I just didn't know why.  Yesterday I received an email from Debbie at Needle Orts about Weeks coming out with some new fibers.  Apparently they have decided to do spools of their overdyed cotton floss and 4 different sizes of pearl cotton.  I went there this morning and bought the colors I needed for the SAL and WOW it is much faster to separating of strands.  You use it exactly as it comes off the spool.  Here's what they look like:

They don't have all the colors in each type but between the 2 strand and #12 pearl cotton I was able to make the conversion.  Are they not gorgeous!!!!  We are talking very good yardage on each one also....there's 45 yards on each of the above spools.  
I've started the sampler but because I'm having trouble seeing the linen, I can only stitch for a little bit at a time.  This will probably end up being my only large project this year.  
This SAL came in 3 parts and with each part you get smaller designs to go with the sampler.  My hope is too stitch all the smaller ones to group with the large sampler....I have the perfect wall for it.
If you get a chance, give these a try.....I think you'll like them.

Blessings for a perfect weekend, Barbara


Cindy's Stitching said...

How nice. Spools is a great idea.

Vickie said...

Oh that was a smart idea. Good for them, good for you!

Sweet Sue said...

good to know, will check these out, tfs! have a cozy weekend:) xo

Robin said...

Nice start, Barbara! Interesting info about the Weeks threads.

Robin in Virginia

Carol said...

Oh, those new threads are gorgeous, Barbara!! Have fun with them :)