Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Brrrrr!!!!  I know the northeast is having horrible weather and I hope everyone is staying warm and safe  but I must say it's kind of cold here lately.  We have the heat on and I'm in fleece pants.  Doesn't sound like Florida does it?  
Had a good time with Peyton and John this past weekend.  Went to dinner at Macaroni Grill and enjoyed it immensely.
I was able to finish two cowls.....one for me and one for Peyton.


This weekend I hope to start a new quilting project.  I want just a throw size for our couch and can't wait to start it.  I have most of the fabric but have to purchase a few more colors.....oh darn!  I have to go to the fabric store.  LOL

Well that's all for now.  I really need to take a newer picture of Vallie.  I've left her fur get longer on her body and she looks like she was put in a dryer on fluff dry.  LOL

Blessings for a perfect week, Barbara


Robin said...

Very pretty cowls you created! Looking forward to seeing your quilt project progress.

Robin in Virginia

Angela Tucker said...

Your knitting is beautiful. And well, darn it, a trip to the fabric store...You are right, how sad is that. LOL I think I should make a trip to my fabric store, just so you won't feel so alone. Sympathy shopping is always good.

stitchinpeanut said...

Oh wow these are both wonderful! Great job!