Thursday, August 22, 2013

When Jenn has a good idea I usually follow along and 99% of the time I'm glad I did.  This was one of those times.  I've asked my DH many times to make me a stand to hold some of my scissor collection and he's never made a start.  I told Jenn this and her idea was the finished box below.  It holds all my favorite scissors and inside are the others plus all the scissor fobs I have.

She also added some embroidery to mine for that added personal touch.  She is such a pro at embroidery....something I am absolutely lousy at.  I've already expressed my lack of ability to do lazy daisy stitches.  I wanted my box to have that primitive look and she absolutely nailed it.

She is offering these up for sale and the size and shape vary.  These will have different themes and will be all hand made.....whether they have stitching on them or painted.  The prices will vary on the detail involved.  If you have any questions, please email her at

PS.  Her Halloween box is finished and can be viewed here.


Redrodi56 said...

Oh I can tell you two are going to have great fun. Beautiful stitching and wonderful idea!

marly said...

Beautiful collection and great way to display it.

Catherine said... it!!!

cucki said...

Aww love it x

Vickie said...

Neat idea. You two are gonna come up with more ideas, I can tell.

Carolyn said...

AH Mazing! The two of you are the most creative people, and putting those heads together....well no telling what you might come up with. This is genius! Love it and you.