Sunday, May 12, 2013

If you love quilting......

The above might look like an ordinary quilt but believe me, it's not.  The name of it is "Dear Prudence" and I cannot believe how this was made.  I'm a quilter and I enjoy doing different types of quilting but there's no way I'd tackle something like this.  Please click on this link and read how this stunning quilt was made.

I'm having startitis I think because just today I've started two new projects.  One is an embroidered pincushion and the other is a quilt.
First the pincushion.  I was looking at old Inspirations Magazines on the internet the other day and came across a free embroidered pincushion pattern.  You can see it here.  I've traced the pattern onto a piece of cream linen and I'm going to use 3 greens and the red from the wool I purchased the other day at my LNS.  This should be a fun project and one I can pick up and do a few stitches every day.
Next is the quilt.  I have Jenn to blame for this one.  She told me this morning about a quilt as you go hexagon quilt that she's starting.  Well this interested me so off I go to look at it.  You can see it here I had a look at the fabrics I have in my sewing room and it seems I have tons of florals.  They are all fat quarters which makes it easy to line them up and cut into my hexagon shapes.  With using only florals, I think it's going to give it a "scrappy" look which I love.  This will also be a good project to pick up and do a couple every day without overwhelming me.
I also decided and started the cross stitch project that will use the "Ooops Bag" from Dinky Dyes.  I have the pattern from Martina of her mini mandalas and I'm going to stitch one of them.  To balance it all out, I'm going to throw in some black which will give it a slight stain glass look.  Wish me luck!
Well that's all I have for now.  Looks like I'll be busy for quite some time and loving it.  Hope you are having fun with whatever you are stitching and having many finishes.
Blessings, Barbara


Vickie said...

Dear Prudence is mind numbing isn't it?
Happy Mother's Day to you.

Linda said...

Hi Barbara, I'm glad that you like my quilt "Dear Prudence".
Cheers Linda

marly said...

I'm in shock. Shock I tell you! What an amazing piece of needlework.

Marilyn said...

Wow, that's gorgeous!
Very unique.

Karen said...

WOW that hexagon quilt was amazing! I'd be ready to blow my top with all off those little hexagons.

I love all of your plans. The pincushion is really sweet, and I look forward to seeing your quilt progress. I'm intrigued by your plan to add the black to the Mandala to add a stained glass look. Can't wait to see it! :)