Friday, March 15, 2013

The Ooh la la bag

As I promised this bag has been french-e-fied and it was so much fund doing.  There's the little coquette who reminds me of Audrey Hepburn one of my favorite actresses.  Then there's the sweet little french poodle that I think belongs on a grey round skirt just like back in the 50's.  Then there's the Eiffel Tower that represents everything french.  

Oh how I wish I could go and see all the beautiful needlework they do.  If you haven't treated yourself to looking at french blogs, do so with envy.  What I think is so wonderful is that they don't use all the overdyed threads like we do.  You will find them stitching on white, cream or natural linen and using white, cream or red floss and everything turns out stunning!
Well back to my Maureen Appleton sampler and I have one more bag I'm thinking of doing and then I will take a break for awhile.  I'm sure by now everyone is sick of seeing them.
Everyone have a blessed weekend, Barbara


boysmum2 said...

Oh that is so cute and so French, well done

Anonymous said...

oh la la this is just stunning,love it ,well done Barbara.xx

Vickie said...

Not sick of seeing them at all! I mean look at that PINK poodle. =)
Yes, the french blogs are a treat.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

That's a cute bag - poodles, you know! Do you remember when people dyed their poodles pink? Pixie's black, so no chance of that here.

Catherine said...

Very cute! I immediately thought of Vickie with that poodle, and see she has already seen it!

Valma said...

Ho no no no, we are not sick of seeing your beautiful bags =)
very well done on this one again
so French indeed
Bonjour Paris, je vous aime =D
It's always so great to hear someone speaking my language
I love the fabric you chose
Linen is my favourite fabric to stitch on =)
can't wait to see your next piece
big hugs

Thoeria said...

Really beautiful! Love the poodle and I agree....she is very Audrey Hepburn-ish :)