Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Blueberry Crumb Cake Anyone?

As I promised, I finished the Blackbird Designs Blueberry Crumb Cake bag this evening.  I couldn't decide what to use as the embroidery and then it dawned on me......a spot of tea would go great!  "Come share a cup of friendship" is what the teapot says and isn't that a wonderful idea!

I added some cream colored lace with ribbon going thru it and the bag is lined in the antique white Kona cotton that I used for the front embroidery.  This one will be in my store for sale if you're interested in it.  Just click on the "Items for Sale" button directly under my header.
I actually started a project today that doesn't involve my sewing machine.  I love Maureen Appleton's Splendor series and I have several of those kits and I figured it was about time I started one.  The one I picked to do first is Splendor IX - Escapade en France.
It's hard to make out from this picture but it has all kinds of French items on it....the Eiffel Tower being one of them.  The one thing I don't like about her kits is the color of floss she uses.  To me it's too red/purple and  it actually hurts my eyes.  I'm doing mine on natural linen using DMC 347 which is a redder red.  These designs have so much going on, that I don't think a hand dyed thread would look would make the images muddy.
So in celebration of me starting an actual project my next bag will be French-e-fied.
DH goes in for his test tomorrow and I'm just a little nervous.  I have this terrible feeling that they are going to rush him directly from the test to the operating room.  I don't know why I feel's just been gnawing at the back of my mind for days.
Have a fabulous evening!
Blessings, Barbara


gracie said...

Hope all will be well for your husband tomorrow.Your project looks wonderful.

Pam in IL said...

Your bag is beautiful!

You and your hubby are in my thoughts and prayers.

Catherine said...

Sending good thoughts and prayers for your husband.
Love your new bag ~ wish I could buy a few of them!! One day....

Annette-California said...

Prayers for you and your husband.
Your Blueberry Crumbcake Bag is soo pretty. And your new cross stitch project is a beautiful choice.
good luck tomorrow - love Annette

Anonymous said...

beautiful work there Barbra,hope things go well for your hubby.xx

Patty C. said...

Praying for your hubby ...
(Love your bag)

Valma said...

Escapade en France...that sounds great to my ears =D
Can't wait to see your French-e-fied bag =D
This one is very beautiful again ! I'm not a real fan of the blue colour but here it is very pretty
well done
happy stitching sweetie

Chris said...

Lovely bag. I also love the Splendor piece that you are starting! I love monochromes.

cucki said...

You and your hubby are in my thoughts and prayers.Your bag is beautiful x

Vickie said...

Barbara I have prayed for your husband and you. I will keep on.
I received it yesterday!! It is beautiful. Thank you so much for this beautiful tote Barbara. I will post it on my blog next.
You latest blueberry creation is wonderful.
Nice to see you found a stitch to catch your attention.

Connie said...

Medical things sometimes go that quickly, but it's pretty rare! Sending good thoughts your way to help you endure the waiting. Hugs, too.

Thoeria said...

Yet another beautiful bag :)
Both you and hubby are in my thoughts and prayers xx

Tatkis said...

Such a lovely bag, simply charming!


Carole W. said...

Good, positive thoughts for your husand, tomorrow, Barbara!!