Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A surprise and a finish

When Vallie and I were taking our walk tonite, there was a wonderful breeze and you could tell that fall is just around the corner.  Now fall here in Florida has a different meaning than anywhere else.  Fall here means the highs are only in the 80's or if your lucky, the 70's.  We look forward to it every year because it just feels so darn good. :o)

 I do have a confession to make.  When Ma Teakettle placed her sales on  Never Enough Stash, there was one that caught my eye.  BBD Winter.  I've wanted to stitch the grouping of Summer, Spring and Winter for some time but just couldn't find Winter....well she had it and I couldn't resist.  Now Ma being Ma, she came up with an excellent plan.....she sent me the pattern but she won't send me the invoice to pay until my 2 months are up.  Now is that a deal or what?  LOL  Not only did she treat me with that but look what was in the package with the pattern.  A beautiful collection of Sampler Threads called Summer Splash.  I was speechless!!!  and let me tell you, that is soooo unlike me.  Now I must ask a favor.  
 I would like to stitch a sampler using all 10 of these colors as a remembrance of a kindness from a fellow stitcher.  Do you have any ideas on what sampler I could stitch?  The first thing I thought of was a quaker, but maybe you have something different in mind that I could do.  
Ma Teakettle, thank you so much for these beautiful threads!  I love each and every one of them.
Now as to my finish, remember me telling you that Marly over at Samplers & Santas was kind enough to share Pennsylvania Redware with me.....well here it is finished and framed.  I fell in love with this frame at Joann's but the design was a little short for it so I added some primitive rick rack.  I love how this turned out and it sits on my mantle.
About the Quaker Garden from BBD that I was going to stitch on the checked fabric.  Well let me say this, now I know why when you see this on french blogs, they have stitched a monotone on it.  When I did some of the Quaker Garden, it looked way too busy so out it came.  I'm thinking about stitching another BBD on it that's a monotone.....I just have to make up my mind which one.  
I hope you all are having a wonder week so far and that the frog is not darkening your door.
Have a blessed day,


April said...

That is so sweet of Ma Teakettle!! I love the finished stitching. Your idea to add the ric-rak was great!! I also love that frame!

Sweet Sue said...

Yeppers, Ma is very special indeed, and the two of you are very clever LOL ~ we're pretty darn lucky you both put up with some of us, well... me mostly:) Enjoy those flosses, very nice. LUV that frame, especially what you've done with it, ~ swoon..... What lovelies to ponder over tonight at pillow-time, thx for sharing:)

Patty C. said...

Stitching friends are the best aren't they !!! Ma Teakettle was truely kind to you !!!! I Love your Pennsylvania Redware finish - It looks great in the frame & you know I love the use of rick rack with framing - It adds some lovely texture doesn't it ;)

Barb said...

Your Redware finish is so pretty ! How nice of Ma!

cucki said...

ma is truly so sweet..
your finish is so lovely..
love xx

Maggee said...

ooh such a pretty finish! And those thread colors are going to roll around in my brain today, as to what they can be used in! (bad grammar, I know!) Thanks for sharing about that fabby for BBD Quaker Garden--I was wondering how it would look! Hugs!

Vickie said...

Wonderful kindness! Your stitching and finishing are great. The frog won't go away! I was almost in tears last night before bed. I have not picked it back up yet. Too upsetting at the moment.

Carol said...

Such a sweet and generous gift from Ma, Barbara!! Lovely finish, too :)

Trinabelle said...

What a sweet thing for Ma Teakettle to do. My first thought in regards to which sampler to stitch with the Summer Splash thread pack was Quaker Gone Tropic.

Catherine said...

Aawww.....that Ma is such a sweetheart!!
Love your finished piece ~ that frame is perfect!