Sunday, July 1, 2012

A pincushion finish

This was such a sweet design I just couldn't resist stitching it.  It's been stitched on 32ct. Cream Belfast linen using the most beautiful pink silk.  It's a Silk N Colors and the name......I know you you'll love this name as much as I did.....Camelot's Lady.  Isn't that the greatest!!!!  I finished it into one of my soft sided pincushions.  On the bottom (which I forgot to take a picture of) is a cream with pink and blue flowers and then around the side is a striped that coordinates with it perfectly.  I then added heirloom lace around the top and a very thin chenille cording around the bottom.  It's been topped off with one of my signature bows in pink.  This turned out so feminine looking and I'm going to offer this up for sale in my store.  You can find it there if you are interested.
Updated to give you the French blog where I found this design:
Well I've restarted my Strawberry Hill Sampler on a piece of 32ct. hand dyed linen from Nina.  I'm going to use the same Sampler Threads that Brenda calls for but I will have to make the design on the box top smaller.  This will probably mean leaving out some of the design elements which I don't want to do but I have no other choice.  
I want to thank everyone who commented on my having to do away with my smaller count linens.  I have tried magnification in the past with terrible results.  I usually end up with a terrible headache and very queasy in the stomach after using that's not a solution.  I have resigned myself to this and understand that it's a part of getting older.....which stinks by the way!!!
I hope everyone has had a terrific weekend with tons of time to do all kinds of stitchie things.  I know for us here in the U.S., Wednesday is the 4th of July (sorry Brits!) and we really haven't anything special planned.  Whatever you plan on doing, please have a wonderful time and enjoy the 4th!
Blessings as always,


Barb said...

Your little pin cushion is finished so beautifully!!! A Happy 4th to you too!

unikat said...

Can not wait to see more photos of the finished works. Highs!
So you finish the embroidery of sense of mastery that only Amulet. Beauty was perfect again!

Lida said...

It looks fantastic, I love the pattern! Your finish is really looking great! Greetings,

Tatkis said...

Such a sweet and romantic pincushion! And silk adds special charm to it!


Vickie said...

ooOoo!! That is beautiful Barbara. Have a wonderfully, stitchy day.

Carol said...

Really a lovely finish, Barbara--with a perfectly named thread!! I'm so sorry your eyes are giving you fits on the smaller count fabrics. So far mine are okay, I think because I am so near-sighted and stitch without glasses or contact lenses in place. Who knows what the next few years will bring. I'd better enjoy the higher counts while I can :)

Happy 4th of July--hope it's a relaxing day!

Annie said...

That is just the most exquisite finish I've seen lately. What a marvelous piece to display.

I've be using more 28 ct over 2 lately too. Much easier on the eyes!

Happy 4th!

Lynn said...

Your pincushion finish is just so exquisite!! I think it's such a pretty stitch. Love it!

I hope you and your family enjoy a wonderful 4th of July!

Laurita Hall said...

Your pincushion is so pretty!!!

Valma said...

wooo !
It's really a lovely pincushion
so romantic !!
and your finish... a delight for the eyes !
as always =)
big big hugs and have a nice 4th of July

MoonBeam said...

Another beautiful finish, Barbara. Love your color choice...and, of course, your signature bow. Nice work.


Meari said...

Beautiful finish!

Catherine said...

Very sweet finish!