Monday, July 23, 2012

A small finish and maybe a start

I know the temperatures across the country sure don't make you think of Autumn but if you go into any of the stores, you are bombarded with them.  Well I decided to bring a little Fall into my home in July.  
First up is a little pillow I stitched on cream Belfast.  After I was finished, I sprayed it with walnut crystals mixed with water but after it dried, I think I'll add some more because it didn't get quite as dark as I wanted it to.  If you look at a closeup of the bow, you'll see that this nut forgot to take out the pins before I took the picture.  I didn't notice they were still there until I went to put it in my basket of pillows.  LOL  Old age maybe?  

The other day I made a trip down to Hobby Lobby and saw something that sparked my interest.  They had this pumpkin knitted out of yarn that was varigated with the colors of Autumn and I loved it.  Well back I went to the yarn department and found one skein of a 100% wool that had the right colors in it.  Home I came and whipped up this little pumpkin but I really think the leaves are too big....what do you think?
When I bought the above pattern, I was in love with the colors and I thought to myself 'You have to stitch this in the colors she calls for'....boy was that a mistake.  You can see the little balls of Valdani silks I got in the mail today and I don't think I like even one color.  Now I have to make up my mind whether or not to stitch it in these colors or match them to some DMC colors and stitch it in solids.  If I do decided to not use these, you'll find them up for sale in Never Enough Stash.
Speaking of Never Enough Stash and Wanting More Stash, I'm very happy that so many needleworker's are taking advantage of these blogs.  As more people join, we're sure to find quite a variety of needlework items over there for sale.
Well that's all for today.  It's raining outside and I can hear the thunder in the's time for our daily afternoon shower.
I want to thank all you sweet ladies who leave comments and who have truly become friends and also a warm welcome to all my new followers.  As you can see it's getting close to 500 and I've promised a grand giveaway which will include fabrics, silks, patterns and many other items you'll truly love.  Have patience....we'll get there eventually.
Blessings as always,


April said...

Beautiful pillow and pumpkin. I think the leaves are the right size..

Barb said...

I love your little pillow and Pumpkin. The leaves look fine to me.

Sweet Sue said...

Oh bother, what's a stray needle here or there in the home of a stitcher! Cute wool punkin, love your finish, especially the ticking, and the leaves look great:)

quiltma said...

I really love both the little pillow and the pumpkin. thanks for sharing

Lida said...

Love the apple in these colors, but would not make the cross stitch pattern with them, the original colors are much nicer.

cucki said...

Aww cute little pillow and pumpkin..I love it so much xxx

butterfly said...

Lovely post Barb I really love you little pillow , and your pumpkin is so very sweet.
Also just love your new chart and those silks look beautiful very Autumn.
Thanks for sharing. We have Summer at last but it's a little to hot for sitting out ! but it is so lovely to see a sunny day again, hugs.

Chris said...

Wonderful finishes! I think that the little pumpkin is perfect.

Vickie said...

Very nice Barbara. I do not see a problem with the leaves. I thought the silks looked pretty. I hope your gathering of blogsites is coming along well.

Patty C. said...

LEAVE your pumpkin alone it's perfect as is!
Cute pillow finish ;)

Brenda said...

OOOOO I love love love your new little pillow!!! I love your new chart too but it's funny how the thread colors look so different than the pics.

And that ADORABLE PUMPKIN!!!! My knitting is soooo very basic but that is one I might consider trying one day.

Happy Stitching hon on your new project in whatever threads you decide to use!!

Carol said...

Your pumpkin is adorable, Barbara--I'm amazed at people who can just look at something in a store and run home and whip it up! The leaves are fine--we have pumpkins growing in our garden right now and, believe me, the leaves are huge!!

Gosh, to me, those colors look lovely--maybe they look different in person... Love your little fall pillow, too. That is such a cute apple button!

Mii said...

I love the little cushion & the apple button, very pretty! Would look lovely in my sitting room ☺

Charlene ♥ SC said...

I love that you just came home and whipped up the pumpkin! You're right - the yarn is perfect. All your fall things are looking great - can't wait to see your basket filled. Just curious - did she recommend the silk or cotton Valdani? It's hard to tell in a photo, but I think the cotton is a little darker or more saturated color.

Catherine said...

I am so ready for fall and your projects are perfect!! Love the pumpkin ~ so cute!!
I'm sure you'll figure something out for the colors on your new project!