Monday, May 21, 2012

Something to share with you.....

I received something in the mail today that just blew me away.  A sweet friend named Stacie sent me these beautiful cards that she makes. 

I love each and every one of them and she really expects me to use these.  No way!!!!  I feel like having them framed they are so beautiful.  I had no idea that she did this type of work but I do understand she doesn't stitch anymore.  I have an email in to her about whether or not she sells them and when I hear from her, I will be sure to post a link if she wishes.  They really are professional work.
Thank you Stacie for sharing your work and talent with me.  
I hope all of you are starting off your new week with some stitchie time or maybe just some "Me" time which we all need.
Blessings as always,

P.S. I just heard back from Stacie and if anyone is interested in seeing more of her beautiful work and contacting her, you can get in touch with her here:


marly said...

She does nice work. My sister and I had a card business several years ago. The cards included small gifts and angel pins that she made to go along with her poems. So much fun to design and make. You received a lovely gift!

Thoeria said...

Beautiful cards indeed!

Chris said...

Wonderful cards!

Mouse said...

oooo gorgeous and framing them sounds nice but save them for something / some one special to receive :)
love mouse xxxxx

Catherine said...

Lovely cards!