Friday, February 17, 2012

New Starts and Updates

As you can see I'm making some progress on Rhonda's Ort Bag.  She told me she was in no hurry for it which is good because she knows how much I hate stitching a design twice, let alone 4 times.  I'm hoping to have the second unit finished this weekend while watching the beginning of Nascar season.
The above design I saw on the HDF forum and fell instantly in love with it.  I'm stitching it on 32ct. antique white linen using two HDF silks.  You can find the pattern here, on the Better Homes & Garden Australian site.
From my dear friend Rhonda comes this absolutely beautiful gift.  She sent me the BBD design Hedgerow Birds project bag, the linen and all the fibers it calls for.  She knows how much I love BBD designs and I cannot wait to start this.  Thank you my sweet friend!
Many of you know how much Jenn loves sheep.  Well this past weekend when I was at The Sewing Studio, I came across this beautiful red cotton fabric with sheep on it.  I thought it would make her the perfect project bag.  I'm stitching a Cricket design for the front and I'll show that when I'm finished with it. It will also have her name on it so 4 little boys know it's mommy's and not theirs.  :o)
I've added to my Drawn Thread pattern collection.  I sincerely don't know why I keep buying these because I can't tell you the last one I stitched but it's in the Stitcher's genes to buy when first seeing something we never know when it won't be there and then you're stuck without it.  Right??
Above is part of my collection of Hand Dyed Fibers silks.  I have 7 of these containers plus what I have hanging on my silk wall.  Do you think I need anymore?  (please say yes so I don't feel so guilty when I order more :o))
Above are two pincushion patterns I picked up and I can't wait to make them.  They don't show any cross stitch but you know I'll add some.  I want to find some really pretty summer fabrics for them.
Well that's what I've been up to this past week to stay out of trouble and to help the economy in any way I can.  Doesn't that sound good?  Think DH will buy it?  I doubt it too.  :o(
You all have a great weekend...have lots of stitchie time and I hope that pesty frog doesn't darken your door.
Blessings as always,


Carol said...

That's great that you're doing your part to help out the economy with all those great purchases, Barbara!! I, too, love Drawn Thread charts even though I've only stitched a couple. I think it is her use of specialty stitches that attracts me to them.

You have to stitch that four times?!! Oh, my--two is about my limit... It sure is lovely though and Rhonda will be thrilled with it :)

cucki said...

wow such lovely goodies..beautiful stitching and lovely new start..
a sweet gift from rhonda :)
yummy stash and pin cushions are so cuteeeeeeeeeee i love them so much..
big hugs cucki xx

Sarah said...

Beautiful stitching and new stash. I love The Drawn Threads Butterfly Garden, can't wait o see you stitch it

Sweet Sue said...

Such a sweet way to start the weekend, pretties everywhere, thx for sharing ~ blog lookin good too:) Enjoy the pretty heart stitch:) xoxo

butterfly said...

Hello lovely lady ,Wonderful stitching again, love the new drawn thread charts I have 2 of them on order .
Beautiful header again , would love to know how you get all your photos together like you do.
Have a great weekend.

Barb said...

Your stitching is just lovely! And of course, you can't possibly own too many silk threads or charts!

Mouse said...

of course you must do your bit heheheheh ...
lovely progress on the ort bag and love the pattern gift you got too :)
and a girl can never have too many silks :) love mouse xxxx

Anonymous said...

Is the ort bag the same one that Victoria Sampler has out. I just purchased that pattern and I think it looks the same.
If so, do you have any tips for stitching it?

Teresa said...

Love the ort bag. I too don't enjoy stitching the same thing more than once. Glad to see I am not the only one who gets patterns that may or may not ever be stitches.
I say you need a few more silk threads, go order more.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Nicola said...

The Butterfly Garden is a gorgeous chart, I have this on order and also don't know when I will find time to stitch it but just have to have it all the same.

I recently discovered HDFs and am looking forward to trying them.

Your ort bag is coming along beautifully.

Catherine said...

Wow! Such wonderful goodies in this post! Love the sheep fabric ~ can't wait to see the bag!

Suzanne said...

Great stash purchase! I love how you have stored your HDF silk threads, I have been wondering how to store mine.

And no, you don't have enough silk threads and yes, you need to buy more, lol!

Veronica said...

Beautiful stitching, especially on Rhonda's Ort Bag. Love all the new stash you've acquired. Butterfly Garden is on my wish list too. Oh, I absolutely think you can never have enough HDF silk until you've collected them all :P


Tatkis said...

Great bag process, and I just love your new stash :)