Sunday, December 4, 2011

Crazy Challenge January 2012

Have you all heard about this?  The concept if very interesting.  Starting on January 1st thru the 15th you start a new project everyday.  What you end up with is 15 WIPs and you have till the end of the year to finish them.  I have joined and I'm just waiting for my confirmation email.  If you're interested, here's the link:
I have 4 of the projects picked out so far.  The first of course is my Paris Mandala which I know I started earlier than Jan 1, but it's going to take a year to finish it anyways.  My second one is by Papillion and that's her first SAL called "How Does Your Garden Grow".  I have the fabric and fibers already picked out for that one so it's a no brainer.  My third will be by Papillion also and that's her "Castles in the Air" SAL from last year.  This one I am going to attempt to stitch on 40ct. linen so I know that will take a year for me to do.  No fibers have been picked yet.  My fourth one is the new Ink Circles and that's her new one Metamorphosis.  I have to pick that one up at my LNS on tuesday and we'll see then about the fabric and fibers.  I think the remaining ones will end up being on the small side since 3 of these seem to be quite large.  I've never done something like this and I think it will be fascinating to see what others pick.
So wish me luck because I must be crazy to start something like this.  Although, with all of your encouragement and seeing what others have started with this challenge, there just might be a chance that I could finish the Paris Mandala.  **fingers crossed**
Blessings as always,


Hazel said...

Hi. I am just in the middle of a post about this! I have decided to do my own challenge of just 7 new starts - well, I am contemplating it anyways. 7 new starts in first 7 days of Jan with no pressure to finish them in that year. I am also taking part in the WIPocalypse as well so it will kind of tie in with it. xx

Measi said...

I'm participating in it as well. although my list keeps changing. I'll then morph that list into my WIPocalypse list.

Bekca said...

I do believe you just read this from my blog Barbara LOL. I'm definitely taking part, the question is, which 15?!
Best wishes to you.

Jules said...

I participated in this Challenge in 2011. Unfortunately, I will not finish all 15 projects, lol! If you check out my blog and click on the Crazy Challenge label you will see that I chose several rather large projects. I know the blogger who hosted this year's is hosting a similar Challenge in 2012 for WIPs. I don't think I want to start another 15 new projects next year, but I do look forward to seeing what everyone stitches!

cucki said...

hello dear..this challenge sound so lovely..good luck for you and all who taking part in it..
big hugs..happy stitching xx