Sunday, August 28, 2011

Carol's SAL part two

I was able to stitch part two of Carol's SAL yesterday.  She's having problems with people stealing pictures from people's blogs and stitching the design from them.  If you ask me, that's pretty rotten.  I know she had to limit the number of people who were able to participate, but to steal it is just low.  That is the reason for my fuzzy picture....anything to help Carol.
Hope all of you are having a Blessed Sunday,


Gillie said...

Lovely, Barbara, and well done for not making it larger - have people no shame? Need to get on with mine!

Karen said...

Love the thread color you have chosen!

Anne said...

Wow! People are awful and I can 't believe someone would do such a thing. Carol has such lovely designs and purchasing them will not break the bank!

Its coming along nicely by the way. I have been enjoying watching it unfold into a sampler :D

Mindi said...

Nice job, both on the stitching, and making the picture fuzzy/small enough so people can't stitch from it. I wasn't even paying attention to the size of the pictures I was uploading, and when I went back to look at them, was slightly appalled at how clear they were.

Is that a pumpkin fob on your scissors? Adorable!

Bekca said...

I think that's downright rude to steal charts from a designer, good idea on blurring the pic. It's looking great so far, I will enjoy watching this piece grow. Best wishes to you.