Sunday, May 1, 2011


I was at Lowe's today looking at their selection of flowers and came across these beautiful orchids.  I have never seen them in this color and was just stunned.  I have tried to grow them and have failed miserably or I would of bought some of these.  I just love that color!!!!
I hope everyone is having a great Sunday.
Blessings as always,


Patty C. said...

They are gorgeous !!!

Catherine said...

We went to Longwood Gardens during their Orchid Festival. That was the first time I saw a blue orchid. I posted about it on my blog. I found out they created the blue by injecting dye into the root system. I have never tried growing orchids either, but I do love them!

Lee said...

what a rich colour.
I worked for many years as a florist and have to admit I have never seen a blue orchid.

Mouse said...

OHHHH that is a wonderful colour of orchid :)I've got one in my stitching room that has flowered all through our winter ... my next door neighbour keeps moaning at me that hers hasn't done anything I only water it with boiled water once a week and thats is so far ... I am going to get some orchid compost and a larger clear pot for it though soon :) must have inherited green fingers off my granddad as he grew some beautiful ones :) love mouse xxxx
think there is a photo of mine on my blog somewhere :)

Carol said...

Of course I love them--they're blue :) Think I'd better check out my local Lowe's!