Monday, March 21, 2011

Thistledown freebie pattern....

 Is all finished and just waiting for you to download and stitch.  I will give you this bit of information....I used an entire new skein of Dinky Dye Silks to stitch mine so it does use alot of floss.  I recommend stitching yours with a new skein of whatever you choose.  The finishing is done like Cynthia of the Drawn Threads little scissor keepers.  You can find the instructions in the freebie section of her website.  If you would rather purchase it already stitched, you'll find this in my store for sale.
I stitched mine on 28ct. hand dyed Jobelan called Carnival and I used the Dinky Dye Mountain Mist.  After all the finishing was done, mine turned out about 2 inches square.  To add a little extra to mine, I filled it with bath salts that smell like lavender.  I use bath salts because they add a nice fragrance and they give it weight.  You, of course, do not have to use this....use whatever you wish.
Here is the pattern that you can click on and enlarge and then print it out or you can download the pdf here.
If you decide to stitch it, please send me a picture so I can post it here.  I love to see how others have stitched and finished my patterns.
Blessings as always,


Mouse said...

ooo lovely :0 and the colours are beautiful ... never heard of using bath salts .. did you line it first ?? love mouse xxx

Parsley said...

Very cute!

Del said...

Very pretty pattern and thank you. Bath salts - very creative. Looking forward to having a go at making it. Thank you again.

Blu said...

Very cute! Thanks for the pattern.
I've heard of using bath slats. I may try that next time.

Barbara said...

Mouse, no I don't line it and I've never had any problem....of course don't get it wet. :o) Thanks for the question.

Tatkis said...

Thank you so much! Such a beauty!

Best wishes,